1st Edition

The Affair of the Madre de Deus A Chapter in the History of the Portuguese in Japan.

By C Boxer Copyright 1929

    The fact that the Portuguese opened up the Far East to European maritime enterprise is well known, but the prosperity to which their trade attained in that region is less so, as historians have tended to dwell on the English or Dutch activities. The period of Luso-Japanese trade is therefore of interest in more ways than one, and in particular the first decade of the seventeenth century when Japan was being moulded by Tokugawa Iyeyasu and when the country was still open to foreigners regardless of their race or religion. This volume involved considerable research in four languages and most of the information is here presented to the English reader for the first time.


    1. Portuguese Intercourse with Japan at the Commencement of the XVIIth Century  2. The Siege of Malacca by the Dutch  3. Matelieff’s China Voyage. 4 André Pessoa on the Loss of the Madre de Deus  5. The Resumption of Portuguese Trade with Japan  Appendix 1.(Charlevoix’s Account)  2. (Letter of Hendrik Van Raay)  3. (André Pessoa and the Captaincy of Muscat)  4. (Royal Regulations on the Jesuit Trade in Japan)  5. (The Japanese in Malacca 1614-1615)  6. (A Note on the Madre de Deus) 7. (Letter of Jacques Specx, 3.11.1610).  Bibliography.  Index.


    C Boxer