The Aftermath Of The 1989 Tiananmen Crisis For Mainland China  book cover
1st Edition

The Aftermath Of The 1989 Tiananmen Crisis For Mainland China

ISBN 9780367305468
Published May 31, 2021 by Routledge
460 Pages

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Book Description

The 1989 Tiananmen crisis marked a crucial turning point for the People's Republic of China. The unprecedented demonstrations of popular dissent triggered the downfall of reformist premier Zhao Ziyang, who supported the students, and the rise of his conservative successor, Li Peng. The subsequent military crackdown on the demonstrators horrified the world and threatened the PRC with international isolation. In this book, distinguished scholars from Taiwan and the United States analyze the wide-ranging effects of the crisis on the role of ideology; the Party; the military; social and legal reform; economic reform; Taiwan and Hong Kong; and foreign relations. For anyone interested in China, and in particular the future of Communism, this volume will be essential reading.

Table of Contents

Introduction -- Ideology -- Reactionary Modernism in China: Cultural Conservatism and Technical Economism in Communist Ideology and Policy Since June 1989 -- Was Mao Zedong a Revolutionary? -- Egalitarianism and Class Struggle in the Soviet Union and Mainland China -- Party and Politics -- “Peaceful Evolution”: Western Challenges and Peking’s Response -- Structural Political Reform in Mainland China: Before and After Tiananmen -- Role of the Military -- Party Authority and Military Power: Communist China's Continuing Crisis -- War in the Year 2000: Beijing's Perspective -- Social and Legal Reform -- Ideological Flux and Intellectuals in Mainland China Since 1978 -- Legal Reforms in the Aftermath of Tiananmen Square -- Economic Reform -- Macroeconomic Obstacles to Reform in China: The Role of Fiscal and Monetary Policy -- The Impact of Tiananmen on the Political Climate of Economic Reform -- Peking’s Economic Reform and Open-Door Policy After the Tienanmen Incident -- Planning and Politics in Mainland China Since the Massacre -- Mainland China’s Special Economic Zones in 1989: Continuity and Change -- Impact on the ROC and Hong Kong -- Tiananmen’s Tremors: The Economic, Political, and Strategic Impact of the Democracy Movement on Taiwan -- Tiananmen in Hong Kong -- Foreign Relations -- Peking’s Foreign Policy in the Shadows of Tienanmen: The Challenge of Legitimation -- Sino-American Relations in the Wake of the Tiananmen Incident -- U.S. Foreign Policy Dilemmas: The Case of Post-Tiananmen China

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Bih-jaw Lin, Maria Hsia. Chang, George P. Chen