1st Edition

The Age of Decentralization How Web3 and Related Technologies will change Industries and our Lives

By Sam Ghosh, Subhasis Gorai Copyright 2025
    242 Pages 114 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    242 Pages 114 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    The Age of Decentralization talks about various decentralization technologies including Web3, Decentralized Identity, and Decentralized Storage, and how they can be incorporated in traditional tech architectures to improve technical and business performance.

    In this book, the authors take us on a journey through the tech landscape, exploring how decentralized technologies, including Web3, are on the verge of becoming mainstream and offer a practical roadmap for understanding and embracing this shift. Web2 brought us “the great centralization” by centralizing not only data but also business processes, blurring the industry boundaries. So, payment platforms started offering e-commerce services and ride-hailing services started delivering food. Scale became the most effective moat. But, at the same time, these huge platforms became a magnet for security threats and started violating user privacy rights and consumer rights. The authors argue that the technological, regulatory, and social landscape is ready for the next evolution of technology systems as decentralization technologies get incorporated into traditional architectures.

    This book serves as a guide for readers to understand the fundamentals of Web3 along with other decentralized technologies and creates a framework for incorporating them in traditional architectures. While at the same time the authors explore the organization level as well as the macro implications of decentralized technologies.

    Chapter 1: Introduction. Chapter 2: Why is decentralization the need of the hour? Chapter 3: Decentralization without blockchains. Chapter 4: Primer on Web3 and Distributed Systems. Chapter 5: Decentralized Identity Systems. Chapter 6: Decentralized Storage. Chapter 7: Decentralized Data Science. Chapter 8: Decentralization in Web3. Chapter 9: Decentralization with Token or without Tokens. Chapter 10: Web3 Architectures. Chapter 11: Decentralization of Traditional Architectures with Decentralization Layers. Chapter 12: Regulatory Considerations for Decentralization Layers. Chapter 13: Public vs Private Blockchains for Decentralization Layers. Chapter 14: Economics of Decentralization Layers. Chapter 15: Industry Case Studies. Chapter 16: Epilogue - Decentralization as a separate industry


    Sam Ghosh is an engineer, holds an MBA from the University of Calgary, and completed all three levels of the CFA Program. He has been an entrepreneur in the FinTech domain. Sam has been teaching Web3 for the last three years to more than 25 thousand students in 166 countries around the world.

    Subhasis Gorai, a seasoned technology professional with 19 years of experience, specializes in Enterprise and Web-Scale Applications, and Data Infrastructure. As Principal Engineer at Cloudera, he leads the Replication Manager team, managing diverse use cases like HA and Disaster Recovery. Previously, at Microsoft, Intuit, and Yahoo, he actively contributed to various platform development and Distributed Systems. Subhasis holds an MS in Software Systems from BITS, Pilani, and a Bachelor's degree from NIT, Durgapur.