1st Edition

The Agrarian Question A Reader

Edited By R.V. Ramana Murthy Copyright 2021

    The Agrarian Question and its resolution in the global context of capitalist development has a protracted scholarship developed over last one century and more. Capitalism in its last two centuries history has evolved through different historical stages since mercantile phase to industrial, national to imperialist and to post-imperialist post-colonial regimes. The agrarian question, understood as a process of transformation of agrarian sector towards capitalist modes, dispensing much of its small and petty producers, producing surplus for the industrial sector and supplying the industrial proletariat, with a clear resolution towards formation of industrial society remained as varied as it could be in the uneven development of capitalist system. The structural transformation that happened successfully for privileged countries in the capitalist centre, proved to be a formidable challenge for a vast number of post-colonial countries in the capitalist periphery. The global and local condition and the political and economic conditions of the contemporary times makes it a considerable challenge for political economists to explain. This reader aims to provide an understanding on range of conceptual and empirical issues of the role of agrarian transformation for capitalist system, with a special focus on Indian agrarian transition. The reader consists of short summaries of fourteen selected works on agrarian question in the Indian and global context.

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    1. Introduction 2. The Secret of Primitive Accumulation 3. Genesis of the Capitalist Farmer 4. Peasant Question in France and Germany 5. The Agrarian Question 6. Is Class Struggle the Prime Mover in Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism? 7. Is Indian Agriculture Feudal, Semi-Feudal or Capitalist? 8. Three Models of Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism: England, France and Prussia 9. Agrarian Question: ‘Then’ and ‘Now’ 10. The Agrarian Question Under Globalization 11. Capital and Non-Capital in Capitalism in India 12. Transition in Indian Agriculture: What Does the Data Tell Us? 13. The Agrarian Question Under Neoliberalism and Land Reforms in India 14. Agrarian Conditions in Telangana and AP: Summary of Observations 15. Dalits and the Land Question: A View from the Ground 16. The Nationalization of the Land


    R.V.Ramana Murthy is Professor at the School of Economics, University of Hyderabad, India.