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1st Edition

The American Civil War

By Peter J. Parish Copyright 1975
    ISBN 9780367643928
    762 Pages
    Published December 1, 2022 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780367643645
    762 Pages
    Published December 7, 2020 by Routledge

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    Originally published in 1975, this assessment of the American Civil War is a broad treatment of the war as a major historical event, set in the context of a detailed picture of two governments, economies and societies at war. It discusses many controversial topics - the uncertainty and hesitation that surrounded the origins of the war, for example, its economic impact, the Radicals and their relationship with Lincoln and reconstruction as a wartime issue. It offers acute analysis of Lincoln’s political skills, and an evaluation of emancipation and Lincoln’s approach to it; the problems and performance of the opposition during the war; international reactions; an assessment of some of the leading generals like McClellan and Lee and the impact of the war on both Southern and Northern society.

    New Preface for the re-issue of 2020 Adam I. P. Smith Part 1: Fission 1. Danger Signals 2. How the War Came 3. Crisis of the Union 4. Why the War Came Part 2: Explosion 5. Preparations, Predictions and Prospects 6. Men at Arms 7. Campaigns of 1862 8. Two Governments at War, 1861-1863 9. Emancipation Part 3: Vortex 10. Campaigns of 1863 11. A Society at War: The South 12. A Society at War: The North 13. The War and the World 14. Oceans, Rivers and Diplomatic Channels Part 4: Climax 15. Campaigns of 1864 16. The Politics of War, 1863-1864 17. Reconstruction and Re-election: The Climax of Lincoln’s Presidency 18. Victory and Defeat Part 5: Aftermath 19. The Struggle to Win the Peace 20. The Enduring Legacy. Notes. Chronology of Events, November 1860-May 1865.


    Peter J. Parish was Professor Emeritus at the University of London and Mellon Senior Research Fellow in American History at Cambridge.

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