1st Edition

The American Colonies and the British Empire, 1607-1783, Part I Vol 1

By Steven Sarson, Jack P Greene Copyright 2010

    This first part of an eight-volume reset edition, traces the evolution of imperial and colonial ideologies during the British colonization of America. It covers the period from the founding of the Jamestown colony in Virginia in 1607 to 1764.

    General Introduction, Chronology, Introduction, 1607–1763, References and Further Reading, George Benson, A Sermon Preached at Paules Cross (1609), A True and Sincere Declaration of the Purpose and Ends of the Plantation begun in Virginia (1610), [John White], The Planters Plea. Or The Grounds of Plantations Examined, and usuall Objections Answered (1630), Sir Philip Meadows, ‘Observations concerning the Dominion and Soveraignty of the Seas’ (1673), William Petty, ‘Trade: Dominion of the Seas’ (c. 1674), John Evelyn, Navigation and Commerce, their Original and Progress (1674), Editorial Notes