1st Edition

The American Colonies and the British Empire, 1607-1783, Part II vol 6

By Steven Sarson, Jack P Greene Copyright 2011

    This second part of an eight-volume reset edition, traces the evolution of imperial and colonial ideologies during the British colonization of America. It covers the period from 1764 to the end of the American Revolutionary War in 1783.

    An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Present Disputes between the British Colonies in America and their Mother Country (1769), [Sir Hercules Langrishe], Considerations on the Dependencies of Great Britain. With Observations on a Pamphlet, Intitled The Present State of the Nation (1769), [Thomas Pownall], State of the Constitution of the Colonies ([1769]), Observations on Several Acts of Parliament, Passed in the Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Years of his Present Majesty’s Reign (1770), Rev. John Lathrop, Innocent Blood Crying to God from the Streets of Boston. A Sermon (1770), [Rev. John Allen], An Oration on the Beauties of Liberty, or The Essential Rights of the Americans (1773), [William Bollan], The Rights of the English Colonies Established in America Stated and Defended (1774), [John Cartwright], A Letter to Edmund Burke, Esq; Controverting the Principles of American Government, Laid Down in his Lately Published Speech on American Taxation (1775), Editorial Notes