2nd Edition

The Ancient Central Andes

By Jeffrey Quilter Copyright 2022
    404 Pages 67 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    404 Pages 67 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Ancient Central Andes presents a general overview of the prehistoric peoples and cultures of the Central Andes, the region now encompassing most of Peru and significant parts of Ecuador, Bolivia, northern Chile, and northwestern Argentina.

    The book contextualizes past and modern scholarship and provides a balanced view of current research. Two opening chapters present the intellectual, political, and practical background and history of research in the Central Andes and the spatial, temporal, and formal dimensions of the study of its past. Chapters then proceed in chronological order from remote antiquity to the Spanish Conquest. A number of important themes run through the book, including: the tension between those scholars who wish to study Peruvian antiquity on a comparative basis and those who take historicist approaches; the concept of "Lo Andino," commonly used by many specialists that assumes long-term, unchanging patterns of culture some of which are claimed to persist to the present; and culture change related to severe environmental events. Consensus opinions on interpretations are highlighted as are disputes among scholars regarding interpretations of the past.

    The Ancient Central Andes provides an up-to-date, objective survey of the archaeology of the Central Andes that is much needed. Students and interested readers will benefit greatly from this introduction to a key period in South America’s past.

    1. Backgrounds; 2. Space, time, and form in the Central Andes; 3. The Early and Middle Preceramic Periods; 4. The Late Preceramic Period; 5. The Initial Period; 6. The Early Horizon; 7. The Early Intermediate Period; 8. The Middle Horizon; 9. The Late Intermediate Period; 10. The Late Horizon; 11. The Conquest and Colonial Periods


    Jeffrey Quilter is an officer of the Institute of Andean Research and, formerly, the director of the Peabody Museum, Harvard University; Director of Pre-Columbian Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC; senior lecturer in the Department of Anthropology, Harvard; and professor of Anthropology at Ripon College, Wisconsin. He has published numerous articles and books, most recently, Magdalena de Cao: An Early Colonial Town on the North Coast of Peru.

    "The first edition of The Ancient Central Andes was the best text on the region when it came out in 2014. This new edition maintains that preeminence. Jeffrey Quilter has brought the narrative up to date with the most exciting and significant recent discoveries—this is the text for a course on the ancient Andes and a valuable addition to every archaeologist's bookshelf." Daniel H. Sandweiss, Professor of Anthropology and Climate Studies, University of Maine, USA