1st Edition

The Arab Gulf and the West

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B.R. Pridham

ISBN 9781138184039
Published September 13, 2017 by Routledge
264 Pages

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Book Description

For many decades the Arab Gulf was considered to be a Western – particularly British – sphere of influence. Much has changed in recent years: the states in the region have come to control their own destinies much more, and Britain has been supplanted by the US as the Western country with the greatest interests in the region. However, the picture has been complicated by differences of opinion within the region and by wider international relations issues. This book, first published in 1985, examines the relations between the Arab Gulf and the West in all their ramifications. Considering the question from historical, economic, cultural and international relations perspectives, it puts forward views both from a Western and a Gulf standpoint. It concludes with a discussion of current trends and likely future developments.

Table of Contents

Then and Now  1. The Consequences of the Exclusive Treaties: a British View David Roberts  2. The Consequences of Britain’s Exclusive Treaties: a Gulf View Husain M. Al-Baharna  3. A British Perception of the Gulf Anthony Parsons  Part 1. Economic, Financial and Industrial Interchange  4. The Extent and Limits of Economic Interdependence John Townsend  5. The Transfer of Technology: What Does it Mean? Yousuf A. Shirawi  6. Gulf Investment in the West: Its Scope and Implications Sinclair Road and Averil Harrison  7. The EEC and the Gulf Cooperation Council Giampaolo Calchi Novati  Part 2. International Perspectives  8. A Darkling Plain: US Views of Gulf Security John Duke Anthony  9. The Strait of Hormuz as a Secure International Waterway William L. Dowdy  10. The Gulf, Palestine and the West Bichara Khader  Part 3. The Cultural Interface  11. Cultural Interchange: A European Viewpoint Robert Swann  12. Gulf reactions to Western Cultural Pressures Levon H. Melikian  Part 4. Three Men in a Boat  13. The Future for the Gulf/Europe/America Relationship: A Gulf View Abdulla ibn Faisal ibn Turki Al Sa’ud  14. The Future for the Gulf/Europe/America Relationship: An American View Michael Sterner  15. The Future for the Gulf/Europe/America Relationship: A European View Olivier Carré

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B. R. Pridham