1st Edition

The Arab of the Desert Pbdirect A Glimpse into Badawin life in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

By H.R.P. Dickson Copyright 1949
    666 Pages
    by Routledge

    732 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book provides information about the customs and people of Kuwait and Sau'di Arabia. It reveals all aspects of the lives of the nomadic desert Arabs, from social systems to marriage and children, from faith to food, sandstorms, warfare and hunting.

    Part One 1. My Life in the Desert 2. Autumn Stirrings 3. Nomad Life 4. The Tent and its Furnishings 5. Tent Treasures 6. Badawin Social System 7. Arab Honour 8. Marriage and Divorce 9. Women’s Secrets 10. Children 11. Faith and Prayer Part Two 12. Food and Hospitality 13. Morality 14. Death, Burial and the Hereafter 15. Smoking 16. The ‘Id Festivals 17. Arab Greetings 18. The Haj, or Pilgrimage to Mecca 19. Prostitution 20. Seasons and Winds in Kuwait 21. Sandstorms 22. ‘Ajman rralks and Tales 23. Story Telling 24. Dreams and their Interpretation 25. Some Proverbs and Sayings 26. Badawin Warfare 27. Desert Guides and Trackers 28. Hawking 29. The Saluqi 30. The Arab Horse 31. Sheep and Goats 32. The Camel 33. Camel Disputes 34. Locusts 35. Wild Birds 36. Wild Animals 37. Boat Building 38. Pearl Diving 39. Slavery 40. Sickness and Disease 41. The Sulubba 42. Crime 43. The Supernatural 44. Curious Customs and Stories 45. The Muntafiq Shepherd Tribes


    Born in Beyrout, Syria, in I88I, H.R.P.Dickson lived in Damascus, where his father was H.B.M.'s Consul at Damascus.