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The Archbishops of Canterbury Series

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Developed in association with Lambeth Palace Library archives, this series presents authoritative studies on the Archbishops of Canterbury. Each book combines biographical, historical, theological, social and political analysis within each archiepiscopacy, with original source material drawn from the Archbishop’s correspondence, speeches and published and unpublished writings. The Archbishops of Canterbury series offers a vital source of reference of lasting importance to scholars, students, and all readers interested in the history of the international Church.

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Archbishop Randall Davidson

Archbishop Randall Davidson

1st Edition

By Michael Hughes
September 01, 2017

Randall Davidson was Archbishop of Canterbury for quarter of a century. Davidson was a product of the Victorian ecclesiastical and social establishment, whose advance through the Church was dependent on the patronage of Queen Victoria, but he became Archbishop at a time of huge social and political...

Archbishops Ralph d'Escures, William of Corbeil and Theobald of Bec Heirs of Anselm and Ancestors of Becket

Archbishops Ralph d'Escures, William of Corbeil and Theobald of Bec: Heirs of Anselm and Ancestors of Becket

1st Edition

By Jean Truax
August 03, 2012

The first two archbishops of Canterbury after the Norman Conquest, Lanfranc and Anselm, were towering figures in the medieval church and the sixth archbishop, the martyred Thomas Becket, is perhaps the most famous figure ever to hold the office. In between these giants of the ecclesiastical world ...

Archbishop Howley, 1828–1848

Archbishop Howley, 1828–1848

1st Edition

By James Garrard
March 29, 2017

William Howley, Archbishop of Canterbury 1828-1848, led the Church of England during the beginning and expansion of the Oxford Movement, at a time when the precursor to the Church Commissioners was established, and during the momentous debates and decisions in Parliament which saw the final retreat...

Archbishop Fisher, 1945–1961 Church, State and World

Archbishop Fisher, 1945–1961: Church, State and World

1st Edition

By Andrew Chandler, David Hein
July 13, 2012

Archbishop Fisher’s archiepiscopate reflected the central issues of his time and place. It was Fisher who oversaw an immense programme of reforms which effectively recast the institutions of the Church of England for generations to come. It was Fisher who proved to be the essential architect, ...

Archbishop Pole

Archbishop Pole

1st Edition

By John Edwards
June 28, 2014

This fresh exploration of the life, work and writing of Archbishop Pole, focuses particularly on Pole’s final years (1556-58) as Archbishop of Canterbury. Fully integrating Pole’s English and Continental European experiences, John Edwards places these in their historical context and signposts ...

Archbishop Anselm 1093–1109 Bec Missionary, Canterbury Primate, Patriarch of Another World

Archbishop Anselm 1093–1109: Bec Missionary, Canterbury Primate, Patriarch of Another World

1st Edition

By Sally N. Vaughn
July 13, 2012

St Anselm's archiepiscopal career, 1093-1109, spanned the reigns of two kings: William Rufus and the early years of Henry I. As the second archbishop of Canterbury after the Norman Conquest, Anselm strove to extend the reforms of his teacher and mentor at Bec, and his predecessor at Canterbury, ...

Archbishop Ramsey The Shape of the Church

Archbishop Ramsey: The Shape of the Church

1st Edition

By Peter Webster
May 08, 2015

Archbishop Michael Ramsey’s archiepiscopate from 1961 to 1974 saw profound renegotiations of the relationship of the Church of England with its own flock, with the nation more widely, with the Anglican church worldwide, and with the other Christian churches. Drawing from unique source material in ...

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