1st Edition

The Arctic Environment, People, Policy

Edited By Jack D. Ives, Roger G. Barry Copyright 2000
    702 Pages
    by Routledge

    708 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 2000, The Arctic provides a comprehensive overview of the region's rapidly changing physical and human dimensions, and demonstrates the importance of communication between natural scientists, social scientists, and local stakeholders in response to the tremendous challenges and opportunities facing the Arctic. It is an essential resource for all Arctic researchers, particularly those developing multidisciplinary projects. It provides an overview of key areas of Arctic research by renowned specialists in the field, and each chapter forms a detailed, varied and accessible account of current knowledge. Each author introduces the subject to a specialist readership, while retaining intellectual integrity and relevance for specialists. Overall, the richness of the material presented in this volume reflects the ecological and cultural diversity of this vast and environmentally critical part of the globe.

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    Introduction, Mark Nuttall and Terry V. Callaghan

    Part I: The Physical Structure and Processes of the Arctic

    1. The Geological Development of the Arctic, Maurits Lindström

    2. Glaciology, Martin J. Siegert and Julain A. Dowdeswell

    3. Permafrost and Hydrology, Ming-Koo Woo

    4. Arctic Oceanography, Sea Ice and Climate, Norman Davis

    5. Upper Atmosphere Physics and Chemistry, Sheila Kirkwood

    6. The Weather and Climate of the Arctic, Gunter Weller

    Part II: Life Sciences in the Arctic

    7. Marine Biology: Biomass Productivity Distributions and Their Variability in the Barents and Bering Seas, Egil Sakshaug and John Walsh

    8. Ecology of Arctic Lakes and Rivers, Warwick F. Vincent and John E. Hobbie

    9. Biodiversity of Terrestrial Ecosystems, Nadya Mateyeva and Yuri Chernov

    10. Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystems and Ecosystem Function, Sven Jonasson, Terry V. Callaghan, Gaius R. Shaver and Lena A. Nielsen

    11. Arctic Medical Science, Bent Harvald and the late Jens Peder Hart Hansen

    12. Physical Anthropology of the Arctic, G. Richard Scott, Scott Legge, Robert W. Lane, Susan L. Steen and Steven R. Street

    Part III: Social and political Dimensions of the Arctic

    13. Indigenous Peopls, Self-Determination and the Arctic Environment, Mark Nuttall

    14. The Social Anthropology of the Arctic, Peter P. Schweitzer

    15. Arctic Geopolitics Then and Now, Sanjay Chaturvedi

    16. The Population of the Circumpolar North, Gunnar Knapp

    17. The Political Economy of Renewable Resource Management in the Arctic, Richard A. Caulfield

    Part IV: Anthropogenic Impacts on the Arctic Environment: Regional and Global Consequences and Policy Responses

    18. Integrated Global Change Impact Assessments, Manfred A. Lange

    19. Ozone Depletion and UV-B Radiation, Edward De Fabo and Lars Olof Björn

    20. Local and Transboundary Pollution, Lars Otto Reiersen

    21. International Co-Operation in the Arctic Environment, Clive Archer and David Scrivener

    22. Indigenous Peoples’ Organisations and Arctic Environmental Co-Operation, Mark Nuttall



    Mark Nuttall, University of Alberta, Canada, Terry V. Callaghan University of Sheffield, England, UK.