1st Edition

The Art of Image Processing with Java

By Kenny A. Hunt Copyright 2010
    300 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

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    While most other image processing texts approach this subject from an engineering perspective, The Art of Image Processing with Java places image processing within the realm of both engineering and computer science students by emphasizing software design. Ideal for students studying computer science or software engineering, it clearly teaches them the fundamentals of image processing. Accompanied by rich illustrations that demonstrate the results of performing processing on well-known art pieces, the text builds an accessible mathematical foundation and includes extensive sample Java code. Each chapter provides exercises to help students master the material.

    What Is Digital Image Processing?
    Why Digital Image Processing?

    Optics and Human Vision
    Camera Optics
    Human Visual System

    Digital Images
    Digital Images

    Digital Images in Java
    Image Structure
    Java’s Imaging Library

    Point Processing Techniques
    Rescaling (Contrast and Brightness)
    Lookup Tables
    Gamma Correction
    Pseudo Coloring
    Histogram Equalization
    Arithmetic Image Operations
    Logical Image Operations
    Alpha Blending
    Other Blending Modes

    Regional Processing Techniques
    Edge Enhancement
    Rank Filters
    Template Matching and Correlation

    Geometric Operations
    Affine Transformations
    Custom Implementation
    Nonlinear Transformations

    Image Printing and Display
    Random Dithering
    Dithering Matrices
    Error Diffusion Dithering
    Color Dithering

    Frequency Domain
    Image Frequency
    Discrete Cosine Transform
    Discrete Fourier Transform

    Image Compression
    Run Length Coding
    Hierarchical Coding
    Predictive Coding
    JPEG Case Study
    GIF Case Study
    Digital Data Embedding

    Morphological Image Processing
    Component Labeling
    Dilation and Erosion
    Opening and Closing
    Component Representation
    Component Features
    Image Segmentation

    Advanced Programming

    Appendix A: Floating Point Rasters
    Appendix B: Scanners



    Exercises appear at the end of each chapter


    Kenny Hunt got a pretty quick start at signal processing and engineering. He built his first crystal radio set at the age of 11 so that he could listen to St. Louis Cardinals baseball games at night hiding under the covers of his bed. Although he aspired to become a famous artist, economic realities and the possession of a disadvantaged skill set pushed him in another direction. He went on to obtain a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and confesses to skipping classes in favor of Thursday afternoon Cardinal baseball games at Bush Stadium. After working as an electrical engineer for seven years, he went on to acquire a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Iowa. Dr. Hunt now teaches in the undergraduate Computer Science program as well as the Masters of Software Engineering program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

    I was both surprised and intrigued by [the author’s] use of beautiful and historically significant artistic imagery for illustrations throughout the book. … In example after example, Hunt demonstrates how effective such imagery can be in illuminating the principles that he is trying to convey. … this book does an excellent job of covering much of colour theory, with clear descriptions and effective diagrams and illustrations … this book has an excellent structure, hitting most of the subjects inherent in the handling of digital images within a computer graphics context. … I would highly recommend The Art of Image Processing with Java to anyone wishing to obtain a broad and practical knowledge of the science of handling digital images. … I would recommend this book to any computer science faculty member desiring to create a second graphics course that could be introduced at the sophomore or junior level, prior to the 3-D computer graphics course.
    —Donald H. House, Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, March 2012

    I found the details fascinating. … the style of the book is friendly and it is easy to read. … a good [and] very basic introduction to image processing…
    —David Conrad, IProgrammer, October 2011

    The Art of Image Processing with Java is a guide to using the common web application Java in filing and archiving vast amounts of digital photographs for later use or use in other applications. From processing digital images based on light, color, and more, Kenny Hunt gives a complete and comprehensive guide and overview of just what Jave can do with plenty of advanced techniques on editing and alterations as well as compression. The Art of Image Processing with Java is a strongly recommended guide for anyone who wants to use the application to its fullest.
    Midwest Book Review, January 2011