1st Edition

The Art of Presenting Getting It Right in the Post-Modern World

By Alan Gillies Copyright 2007

    This informal, fun guide is ideal for anyone involved in public speaking; addressing a group of people in a wide range of situations including lecturing as part of your day job, presenting research findings to your academic peers, and presenting to potential future colleagues as part of an interview process. These situations are all different, and as with many things, context is everything. Whether you’re working with large or small audiences, there are basic rules for speaking that should never be overshadowed by bewildering presentation technology.

    The three eras of presentation. The pre-modern era of presentation. The modern era of presentation. The post-modern era of presentation. questions to answer by planning your talk, and your answers. Ten questions to answer about giving your talk. Ten things to do with presentation graphics that aren't bulleted lists that whizz in, do a quick orbit before settling down in a font that can't be read from the front row. The take home message. The afterword.


    Alan Gillies