1st Edition

The Art of Study

By T. H. Pear Copyright 1930

    First published in 1930, The Art of Study is addressed to all who are old enough and young enough to regard the winning of knowledge as fine art. Like other arts, it can be helped by science. The book discusses reasons for the success and failure of different individuals, not omitting intelligence, stupidity, and laziness. It asks whether the memory can be trained. It contrasts the art forms of the lesson, the lecture, and the talk. It gives suggestions for increasing the student’s concentration upon work, for taking notes, and for using them afterwards. While urging the importance of hard work, it helps the student to discover parts of his tasks in which such effort will be effective.

    Preface To the Reader 1. What is Learning? 2. How Animals Learn and How We Learn 3. Differences in Ease of Learning 4. How to Listen 5. How to Concentrate 6. How to Form Habits of Study 7. The Economy of Memory 8. Practical Aids for Memorising 9. Progress in Learning 10. Intelligence and Stupidity 11. What is a Good Memory? 12. Can the Memory be Trained? Index


    T. H. Pear