7th Edition

The Art of Voice Acting The Craft and Business of Performing for Voiceover

By James R. Alburger Copyright 2024
    552 Pages
    by Focal Press

    552 Pages
    by Focal Press

    Now in its seventh edition, The Art of Voice Acting covers all aspects of the craft and business of performing voiceover.

    Starting with the basics of voice acting, every aspect of the craft and business of performing voiceover is explained in detail, including how to get started, performing techniques, setting up a personal recording space, voiceover demos, the basics of running a voiceover business, unions and much, much more. This edition is completely updated with all new scripts, discussions of the latest trends in voiceover and contributions from some of the voiceover industry’s top performers, casting directors and agents. The book provides a wealth of practical information that can be put to work immediately, as well as hundreds of references to websites and other useful resources.

    Anyone interested in acting, storytelling, any area of voiceover or simply improving verbal communication skills will benefit from this book. Although The Art of Voice Acting is a great learning tool for the beginner, it will also serve the experienced performer well as a reminder of performing and business tools that are essential in today’s world of acting and voiceover.

    Additional content, including scripts, audio files, and unpublished content can be found at www.AOVA.VoiceActing.com.

    1. Voiceover 101  2. Using Your Instrument  3. Voice Warm-ups and Body Exercises  4. Voice & Performance Maintenance  5. The ABC’s of Voice Acting (The Seven Core Elements)  6. Voice Acting 101  7. Developing Your Unique Style  8. Techniques for Developing Style  9. The Conversation  10. Woodshedding & Script Analysis  11. The Character in the Copy  12. Mastering Character Voices  13. The Monologue  14. Single Voice  15. Multiples and Dialogue  16. Long Form Narration: Corporate, Medical & eLearning  17. Audiobook Narration  18. Imaging - Promo - Trailer  19. Games & Other VO Genres  20. Your Home Studio  21. All About Your Microphone  22. Home Studio Technology  23. Getting Paid to Play  24. Your Voiceover Demo  25. Working Your Voiceover Business  26. Talent Fees, Contracts & More  27. Your Voiceover Identity  28. The Talent Agent  29. Auditions  30. You’re Hired! The Session  31. A Professional’s Perspective  32. Working the World & Online  33. Wisdom from the Pros  34. Stop It!


    James R. Alburger is an award-winning producer, director, voice actor and performance coach. After a 25-year career in recording studios and television (receiving 11 Emmy® Awards), he opened VoiceActing.com VoiceActing Studios and VoiceActing Academy. He teaches workshops on performing voiceover, voices a variety of audio projects, produces voiceover demos, produces and directs audiobook production and is an expert in personal, professional home studio design. Through his production company, CigmaMedia.com, he handles audio and video production for specialty performers, professional speakers and independent producers and audio post-production for film and video. He also provides coaching for companies of all sizes, using his voice acting techniques to teach business professionals how to be more effective communicators.

    "Since working with James Alburger these past few years and learning the nuts and bolts of voiceover from him, I am amazed at his talent and scope of knowledge! He has taken me from novice to pro with a genuine interest in my progress. The demos he coached me for and then produced have won rave reviews and helped me land several agents and clients. My gratitude for where he’s taken me thus far can’t be measured and my respect and admiration only deepens when I now watch him work with others. He’s a very special treasure to me as a friend and mentor, and all VO talent who read The Art of Voice Acting will be the better for it!"

    Lee Colee, Professional Voice Actor

    Praise for the Sixth Edition:

    "'In a World...' where dreams are dashed early, as you are delivered the unsavory news, 'YOU WILL NEVER VOICE', by a wizened theatre professor, your only hope is... to PROVE them WRONG!!! Grit, risk and raw talent became wondrous weapons, as I took control of my dream. Along with a thirst for knowledge, dedication, drive AND The Art of Voice Acting by James Alburger, my career continued to skyrocket! I smile looking back over all my illustrious accomplishments and successes exclaiming, 'Never say Never' and ALWAYS read, The Art of Voice Acting!"

    Elley-Ray, Award-winning Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Teacher

    "The Art of Voice Acting is one of the best, if not THE best resource available to all voice actors. Everything you need to know about voice acting is written in clear terms - you won't be left wondering what this author is talking about! This really is an absolute MUST if you are serious about the profession of voice-over. This book is Excellent and James Alburger is clearly a committed professional."

    Debbie Foster, Professional Voice Talent, Australia

    "I have been a successful voice over for about 10 years and recently bought and read The Art of Voice Acting. I must have been guided to do it! It was like receiving a (gentle) kick in my behind, spurring me to get re-organised, re-galvanised, newly inspired because - to say the truth - I was sitting on my laurels doing very little to perfect my skills or bring new life to my career. Now I feel full of new energy. This is what I call an inspired purchase!"

    Anna Rigano, Professional Voice Actor, United Kingdom