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    by Routledge

    This collection provides an innovative and wide-ranging introduction to the world of Arthur by looking beyond the canonical texts and themes, taking instead a transversal perspective on the Arthurian narrative. Together, its thirty-four chapters explore the continuities that make the material recognizable from one century to another, as well as transformations specific to particular times and places, revealing the astonishing variety of adaptations that have made the Arthurian story popular in large parts of the world.

    Divided into four parts—The World of Arthur in the British Isles, The European World of Arthur, The Material World of Arthur, and The Transversal World of Arthur — the volume tracks the legend’s movement across temporal, geographical, and material boundaries. Broadly chronological, each part views the unfolding Arthurian story through its own lens, while temporal and geographical overlaps between the sections underscore the proximity of these developments in the legend’s history.

    Ranging from early Latin chronicles and Welsh poetry to twenty-first century anime and political conspiracies, this comprehensive and illuminating book will be of interest to anyone researching Arthurian literature or tracing the evolution of medievalism through literature, the visual arts, and popular culture.


    PART I: The World of Arthur in the British Isles

    1 King Arthur: Hero or Legend?

    P. J. C. Field

    2 The Invention of Arthurian Britain: Arthur in the Early Welsh Literary Tradition

    Helen Fulton

    3 Arthur Among the Nine Worthies

    Audrey Martin and David Mason

    4 Prophecy and Place in the Arthurian Tradition

    Victoria Flood

    5 Spenser, Malory, and Regionalism in Arthurian Literature

    Kenneth Hodges

    6 The Post-medieval Arthur at War

    Andrew Lynch

    7 The Arthurian Legends in the Sixteenth Century: The Misfortunes of Arthur and The

    Faerie Queene

    Andrew Hadfield

    8 "what’s past is prologue" – Early Modern Explorations of Arthurian Romance and

    Shakespeare’s The Tempest

    Claudia Olk

    9 Victorian Medievalisms: Rehabilitating Arthur in Eleonora Louisa Hervey’s The Feasts of Camelot

    Renée Ward

    10 Staging Guenevere’s Maternity in Richard Hovey’s The Marriage of Guenevere and The

    Birth of Galahad

    Virginia Blanton

    PART II: The European World of Arthur

    11 The Byelorussian Tristan

    Milica Spremić Končar

    12 Continuity and Discontinuity in the Irish Arthurian Romances

    Bernadette Smelik

    13 No Country for Young Men: The Challenge of the Medieval Greek Old Knight

    Thomas H. Crofts

    14 A Not-So-Unique Text: Melekh Artus and Medieval Jewish Arthurian Romance

    Caroline Gruenbaum

    15 Viduvilt: The Yiddish World of Arthur

    Annegret Oehme

    16 No Knights, No England, No Arthur: Arthurian Theater in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Germany

    Cora Dietl

    17 Guiron le Courtois Across Borders: The Life of a Prose Narrative Cycle

    Nicola Morato

    18 Optical Illusion, Illusory Objects, and the Quest of the Holy Grail in the Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal and Perlesvaus

    Martha Baldon

    PART III: The Material World of Arthur

    19 Making and Illustrating Arthurian Manuscripts

    Alison Stones

    20 Sir Palamedes the Indelibly "Saracen" Knight: Heraldry, Monstrosity, and Race in Fifteenth-Century Arthurian Romance Manuscripts

    Tirumular (Drew) Narayanan

    21 Minding the Gaps: Topology and Gender in the Remediation of Medieval German Arthurian Romance

    Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand

    22 Arthurian Imagination in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Art

    Peter N. Lindfield

    23 Finding Arthur in the Percy Folio

    Katie Garner

    24 A History of Malory’s Morte Darthur in Print

    James Wade

    25 A Grave Discovery? Guinevere’s Death and Burial at Amesbury in Medieval and Early

    Modern Tradition

    Mary Bateman

    PART IV: The Transversal World of Arthur

    26 The Arthurian Legends in America

    Alan Lupack

    27 In the Ancient Days of Sagas: Astrid Lindgren and the Legacy of Arthurian Romance

    Sofia Lodén

    28 "Hail to the king[s], baby": Arthur vs Army of Darkness

    Jeff Massey and Tabitha Ochtera

    29 Arthur in Modern Fantasy Literature

    Shiloh Carroll

    30 Cinema Arthuriana and the Knights of the Not-So-Round Table

    Kevin J. Harty

    31 The Grail is in Another Castle: The World of Arthur in Digital Games

    Alicia McKenzie

    32 Desire and the Flexible Grail: The Japanese Fate Franchise and Evolving Notions of

    Arthurian Power

    E. L. Risden

    33 "Moor" and "Saracen" in Medieval and Contemporary Arthurian Texts

    Kris Swank

    34 Guy Ritchie, King Arthur, and the Great Conspiracy

    Andrew B. R. Elliot


    Victoria Coldham-Fussell is a Research Ethics Adviser for Victoria University of Wellington—Te Herenga Waka. Her research focuses on renaissance humor and the work of Edmund Spenser. She is the author of Comic Spenser: Faith, Folly, and The Faerie Queene (2020), co-author of the Oxford Bibliographies article 'Edmund Spenser' (2017), and contributor to Conversātiō—In the Company of Bees (2021).

    Miriam Edlich-Muth holds the Chair of Medieval English and Historical Linguistics at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany.

    Renée Ward is Senior Lecturer in Medieval Literature at the University of Lincoln, UK, and co-editor of The Year’s Work in Medievalism.