1st Edition

The Artist-Philosopher and Poetic Hermeneutics On Trauma

By George Smith Copyright 2022

    Focusing on the aesthetic representation of trauma, George Smith outlines the nexus points between poetics and hermeneutics and shows how a particular kind of thinker, the artist-philosopher, practices interpretation in an entirely different way from traditional hermeneutics.

    Taking a transhistorical and global view, Smith engages artists, writers, and thinkers from Western and non-Western periods, regions, and cultures. Thus, we see that poetic hermeneutics reconstitutes philosophy and art as hybridizations of art and science, the artist and the philosopher, subject and object. In turn, the artist-philosopher's poetic-hermeneutic reconstitution of philosophy and art is meant to transform human consciousness.

    This book will be of interest to artists and scholars working in studio practice, art history, aesthetics, philosophy, cultural studies, history of ideas, history of consciousness, psychoanalytic studies, myth studies, literary studies, and creative writing.

    Part One: Technē  1. Paul de Man and the Future of Poetic Hermeneutics  2. Freud’s Nachträglichkeit  Part Two: Poiesis  3. Virginia Woolf and the Wolf Man  4. James, Degas, Manet, Picasso, Kruger, Walker, Wilson, Mbembe



    George Smith is Founder, President, and Edgar E. Coons, Jr. Professor of New Philosophy at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts, USA.