1st Edition

The Ashgate Research Companion to Theological Anthropology

Edited By Joshua R. Farris, Charles Taliaferro Copyright 1991
    404 Pages
    by Routledge

    404 Pages
    by Routledge

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    In recent scholarship there is an emerging interest in the integration of philosophy and theology. Philosophers and theologians address the relationship between body and soul and its implications for theological anthropology. In so doing, philosopher-theologians interact with cognitive science, biological evolution, psychology, and sociology. Reflecting these exciting new developments, The Ashgate Research Companion to Theological Anthropology is a resource for philosophers and theologians, students and scholars, interested in the constructive, critical exploration of a theology of human persons. Throughout this collection of newly authored contributions, key themes are addressed: human agency and grace, the soul, sin and salvation, Christology, glory, feminism, the theology of human nature, and other major themes in theological anthropology in historic as well as contemporary contexts.


    Joshua R. Farris and Charles Taliaferro


    Part I Methodology in Theological Anthropology

    1 The Madness in Our Method: Christology as the Necessary Starting Point for Theological Anthropology

    Marc Cortez

    2 Scripture and Philosophy on the Unity of Body and Soul: An Integrative Method for Theological Anthropology

    John W. Cooper


    Part II Theological Anthropology, the Brain, the Body, and the Sciences

    3 Evolutionary Biology and Theological Anthropology

    Joshua M. Moritz

    4 Theological Anthropology and the Cognitive Sciences

    Aku Visala

    5 Theological Anthropology and the Brain Sciences

    Daniel N. Robinson

    6 Feminism and Theological Anthropology

    Emilie Judge-Becker and Charles Taliaferro


    Part III Models for Theological Anthropology

    7 Self-Organizing Personhood: Complex Emergent Developmental Linguistic Relational Neurophysiologicalism

    Warren S. Brown and Brad D. Strawn

    8 Physicalism, Bodily Resurrection, and the Constitution Account

    Omar Fakhri

    9 Anthropological Hylomorphism

    Bruno Niederbacher, S.J.

    10 Substance Dualism

    Stewart Goetz

    11 The Human Person as Communicative Event: Jonathan Edwards on the Mind/Body Relationship

    Marc Cortez

    12 Why Emergence?

    William Hasker


    Part IV Theological Models of the Imago Dei

    13 A Substantive (Soul) Model of the Imago Dei: A Rich Property View

    Joshua R. Farris

    14 Why the Imago Dei Should Not Be Identified with the Soul

    Joel B. Green

    15 The Dual-Functionality of the Imago Dei as Human Flourishing in the Church Fathers

    Fr. David Vincent Meconi, S.J.

    16 Ecclesial-Narratival Model of the Imago Dei

    Dominic Robinson, S.J.

    17 A Christological Model of the Imago Dei

    Oliver Crisp


    Part V Human Nature, Freedom, and Salvation

    18 Free Will and the Stages of Theological Anthropology

    Kevin Timpe and Audra Jenson

    19 Human Beings, Compatibilist Freedom, and Salvation

    Paul Helm


    Part VI Human Beings in Sin and Salvation

    20 Created Corruptible, Raised Incorruptible: The Importance of Hylomorphic Creationism to the Free Will Defense

    Nathan A. Jacobs

    21 Redemption of the Human Body

    Adam G. Cooper

    22 Redemption, the Resurrected Body, and Human Nature

    Stephen T. Davis

    23 Theosis and Theological Anthropology

    Ben C. Blackwell and Kris A. Miller

    24 Glory and Human Nature

    Charles Taliaferro


    Part VII Chris tological Theological Anthropology

    25 The Mortal God: Materialism and Christology

    Glenn Andrew Peoples

    26 Hylomorphic Christology

    Josef Quitterer

    27 A Cartesian Approach to the Incarnation

    J.H.W. Chan


    Joshua R. Farris is completing The Soul of Theological Anthropology (forthcoming, Routledge, 2016) and co-editing Idealism and Christian Theology (forthcoming, Bloomsbury Academic).

    Charles Taliaferro has extensive experience in editing original essays, being the co-editor of the first two editions of the Blackwell Companion to Philosophy of Religion, the Cambridge Companion to Christian Philosophical Theology, and the Routledge Companion to Theism. Taliaferro is the co-author with Jil Evans of The Image in Mind: Theism, Naturalism, and the Imagination (Continuum, 2013).

    "An invigoratingly diverse collection of essays focused on the Christian understanding of human nature in general and its bearing the image of God in particular; it would serve as an excellent introduction to the developing interest shown by analytic theology in these and related topics." - T.J. Mawson, University of Oxford, UK

    "This Ashgate volume, brilliantly crafted by first-rate scholars from multiple disciplines, is a paragon of excellence for research companions. Rigorous, well informed, and refreshingly insightful, it is a tour de force of theological anthropology!" - Chad Meister, Bethel College, USA

    "Excellent in breadth and depth of treatment of relevant topics, with an international group of contributors, senior scholars and scholars newer to their fields but already published therein, this is a superb contribution to the fresh interest in theological anthropology, which it expands, develops, and encourages." - Keith E. Yandell, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

    "Overall, I think the editors put together a helpful volume that is entirely unique. Christian graduate students in these disciplines will be served as they work through it, and professors will find helpful essays for class preparation to familiarize themselves with current argumentation for a variety of views surrounding anthropology." - Themelios

    "This is an excellent collection of essays which, most commendably, as they say, ‘does what it says on the tin’." - David Munchin, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, UK, in The Journal of Theological Studies

    "…this will be a useful reference work for libraries, and its articles should be profitable to those designing an advanced seminar in anthropology" - A. W. Klink, Duke University, USA, in Religious Studies Review

    "…is in my estimation essential for anyone interested what a Christian view of human persons could look like and how these views impact how we understand humanity as bearing the Imago Dei." Brandon L. Rickabaugh, Baylor University in Religious Studies Review

    Featured in a series of short articles by the Evangelical Philosophical Society

    "… the arrival of The Ashgate Research Companion to Theological Anthropology is timely indeed. Overall … an excellent volume."Kevin W. Wong in The Journal of Analytic Theology

    "The Ashgate Research Companion to Theological Anthropology is an excellent resource for scholars of all levels … It truly stands as a companion to those doing research in theological anthropology."Joseph McGarry in Anglican Theological Review

    "… the present volume offers excellent developments in the right direction suggesting how Christian anthropology could engage – or is already engaging – with a more scientific framework."Lluis Oviedo, Antonianum University in ESSSAT News and Reviews

    "The Ashgate Research Companion to Theological Anthropology is certainly the place to start for those who want to come to terms with both the questions and answers that concern human constitution, evolutionary biology, the image of God, cognitive neuroscience, human freedom (and much more) as it relates to Christian theology."Mark Hamilton, Free University of Amsterdam in Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies

    "… the material provided in this Companion provides an excellent starting point for thinking through the problems at stake in this area of great contemporary interest."Sam Hole, St George the Martyr Southwark in Reviews in Religion & Theology

    "Anyone working on theological anthropology will want to study this book."Benjamin Murphy in The Heythrop Journal