1st Edition

The Atlantic Slave Trade Volume II Seventeenth Century

Edited By Jeremy Black Copyright 2006

    Originally published as a collection in 2006, this volume discusses the development of the Atlantic slave trade in the seventeenth century, looking at issues such as how African societies reacted to the trade; the economic origins of black slavery in the British West Indies; and the growth of plantations responding to changes in European diet – particularly the rise of the sugar economy. The volume also has an introduction by the editor commenting on the contribution each essay makes.

    Introduction.  1. African Slavery and Other Forms of Social Oppression on the Upper Guinea Coast in the Context of the Atlantic Slave-Trade, Walter Rodney  2. African Societies and the Atlantic Slave Trade, J. D. Fage  3. ‘Here is No Resisting the Country’: The Realities of Power in Afro-European Relations on the West African "Slave Coast", Robin Law  4. Hunting for Rents: The Economics of Slaving in Pre-colonial Africa, E. W. Evans and David Richardson  5. Encomienda, African Slavery, and Agriculture in Seventeenth-Century Caracas, Robert J. Ferry  6. The French Slave Trade: An Overview, David Geggus  7. The Economic Origins of Black Slavery in the British West Indies, 1640-1680: A Tentative Analysis of the Barbados Model, Hilary McD. Beckles  8. The Economics of Transition to the Black Labor System in Barbados, 1630-1680, Hilary McD. Beckles and Andrew Downes  9. Trade, Plunder and Economic Development in Early English Jamaica, 1655-89, Nuala Zahedieh  10. Who Bought Slaves in Early America? Purchasers of Slaves from the Royal African Company in Jamaica, 1674-1708, Trevor Burnard  11. ‘To Procure Negroes’: The English Slave Trade to Barbados, 1627-60, Larry Gragg  12. ‘The Countrie Continues Sicklie’: White Mortality in Jamaica, 1655-1780, Trevor Burnard  13. The Passion to Exist: Slave Rebellions in the British West Indies, 1650-1832, Michael Craton  14. The Influence of Disease on Race, Logistics and Colonization in the Antilles, Francisco Guerra  15. The Profitability of Sugar Planting in the British West Indies, 1650-1834, J. R. Ward  16. The First American Boom: Virginia, 1618 to 1630, Edmund S. Morgan  17. From Servants to Slaves: The Transformation of the Chesapeake Labor System, Russell Menard  18. The Tobacco Industry in the Chesapeake Colonies, 1617-1730: An Interpretation, Russell Menard  19. The Origins Debate: Slavery and Racism in Seventeenth-Century Virginia, Alden T. Vaughan  20. The English Sugar Islands and the Founding of South Carolina, Richard S. Dunn  21. Black and Mulatto Brotherhoods in Colonial Brazil: A Study in Collective Behavior, A. J. R. Russell-Wood.  Name Index.


    Jeremy Black