1st Edition

The Bantu of North Kavirondo Volume 1

By Gunter Wagner Copyright 1949
    540 Pages
    by Routledge

    540 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1949, this is the first of 2 volumes studying the Bantu tribes inhabiting the westernmost part of Kenya. The book analyses family, lineage and clan structure, kinship relations and the various rituals connected with every stage of the human life cycle. Also included is a section on European colonization and its effects and the magico-religious and ceremonial aspects of tribal life.

    Part 1: Introductory

    A: The Country

    B: The People

    C: Survey of the History of European Penetration and Present 'Contact Situation' In Kavirondo

    Part 2: Elements of Kinship Structure

    A. The Family

    B. Clan and Lineage

    C. Manifestations of Kinship

    D. List of Kinship Terms

    Part 3: The Magico-Religious

    A. Introductory

    B. Agents and Forces Believed to Exercise a Mystical Influence Over Human Welfare

    C. Measures of Protections and Prevention

    D. The Taking of Counter-Measures and the Appeal to Higher Authorities

    Part 4: The Rites of Passage

    A. Birth

    B. Circumision and Initiation Rites

    C. Marriage


    Wagner, Gunter