1st Edition

The Basuto A Social Study of Traditional and Modern Lesotho

By Hugh Ashton Copyright 1967
    414 Pages
    by Routledge

    414 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1952 and as a second edition in 1967 this volume provides a systematic and comprehensive account of the Basuto people and their changing culture, and reviews the developments and changes leading up to 1966 when Basutoland achieved independence as Lesotho. It describes in detail daily lives, the education and upbringing of children, initiation, marriage, economic activities and political developments within and outside the country. It includes a discussion of tribal and modern law and the workings of the courts and a study of the part played by magic and sorcery and an analysis of the motives leading to the out break of 'medicine' murders in the 1940s.

    1. Historical Background

    2. Social Background

    3. Conception, Birth and Childhood

    4. Education

    5. Marriage

    6. Social Routine and Activities

    7. Old Age, Death and Religious Beliefs

    8. Agriculture

    9. Animal Husbandry

    10. Land Tenure

    11. Miscellaneous Occupations and Pursuits

    12. Trade, Exchange, Wealth and Property

    13. Political Organization

    14. Judicial Organization

    15. Law

    16. Medicine, Magic and Sorcery

    Appendices: 1. Glossary of Sesuto Words 2. Kinship Terms 3. Kinship Marriage 4. Cases Tried in Native Authority Courts


    Hugh Ashton

    'A substantial account of the life, work, customs and beliefs of a fascinating tribe in Southern Africa.' International Review of Missions