1st Edition

The Benchmarking Book

By Tim Stapenhurst Copyright 2009
    496 Pages
    by Routledge

    496 Pages
    by Routledge

    With growing demands for increased operational efficiency and process improvement in organizations of all sizes, more and more companies are turning to benchmarking as a means of setting goals and measuring performance against the products, services and practices of other organizations that are recognized as leaders.

    The Benchmarking Book is an indispensable guide to process improvement through benchmarking, providing managers, practitioners and consultants with all the information needed to carry out effective benchmarking studies.

    Covering everything from essential theory to important considerations such as project management and legal issues, The Benchmarking Book is the ideal step-by-step guide to assessing and improving your company’s processes and performance through benchmarking.

    PART I: What is Benchmarking?
    1. What is Benchmarking?
    2. Methods of Benchmarking

    PART II: The Benchmarking Process
    Phase 1 - Internal Preparation

    3. Selecting a Project and Commissioning a Team
    4. The Team Begins Work
    5. Identifying and Selecting Benchmarking Participants
    6. Metrics and Data
    7. Normalization: How to compare apples with pears
    8. How to Identify Benchmarking Metrics
    9. Reviewing and Finalizing Metrics
    10. The Importance of Operational Definitions and How to Create Them
    11. Finalizing the Project Plan and Gaining Management Support
    12. Inviting and Working with Participants

    Phase 2 - Benchmarking Performances
    13. Effective Acquisition of Complete Accurate Data
    14. Turning Data into Recommendations
    15. Finalizing the Report and Other Deliverables

    Phase 3 - Improving Performance
    16. From Report to Improvement
    17. Beyond the Numbers: Gathering Information from Participants
    18. Implementation Considerations
    19. Copying with Understanding

    PART III: Managerial and Organizational Aspects of Benchmarking
    20. Management Roles and Responsibilities
    21. An Introduction to Legal Issues and Working with Consultants

    PART IV: Case Studies
    22. Benchmarking IT at Citigroup
    23. The Drilling Peformance Review - The Evolution of a Benchmarking Club
    24. Benchmarking Local Goverment Services
    25. The Best Practice Club


    Tim Stapenhurst