Blennies are diverse group of bony fishes found around the globe. Most blennies are small and somewhat difficult to identify, so until recently these fish did not occupy the interests of many ichthyologists and even fewer ecologists. With nearly 900 species, blennies are important members of most coastal marine communities. This book should stimulate interest in blennies among a wider array of students, and marine biologists in general.

    List of Contributors

    Systematics of the Blennioidei and the Included Families Dactyloscopidae, Chaenopsidae, Clinidae and Labrisomidae
    Philip A. Hastings and Victor G. Springer
    Systematics of the Tripterygiidae (Triplefins) Ronald Fricke
    Systematics of the Blenniidae (Combtooth Blennies) Philip A. Hastings and Victor G. Springer

    Biogeography of New World Blennies
    Philip A. Hastings
    Blennies in Temperate Seas Vítor C. Almada, Joana I. Robalo, Emanuel J. Gonçalves, André Levy and Robert A. Patzner

    Feeding and Sensory Systems
    Diversity in the Diet and Feeding Habits of Blennies
    Shaun K. Wilson
    Dentition and Taste Buds in Blennies
    Lev Fishelson
    Nasal Olfactory Organs and Olfactory Bulbs in Blennies Lev Fishelson and Ofer Gon

    Reproduction and Development
    Reproductive Organs in Blennies
    Robert A. Patzner and Franz Lahnsteiner
    Sexual Selection in Blennies Francis Neat and Wouter Lengkeek
    Alternative Reproductive Tactics in Blennies Rui F. Oliveira, David M. Gonçalves and Albert Ros
    Larval Development in Blennies William Watson

    Ecology and Behaviour
    Communication in Blennies
    Eduardo N. Barata and David M. Gonçalves
    Interspecific Relationships in Blennies Karen L. Cheney
    Patterns of Microhabitat Utilisation in Blennies Emanuel J. Gonçalves and Cláudia Faria

    Species of Blennies
    List of Valid Species of Blennies
    Robert A. Patzner, Philip A. Hastings, Victor G. Springer, Peter Wirtz and Emanuel J. Gonçalves
    Color Plate Section


    Robert A Patzner