1st Edition

The Biology of Lungfishes

Edited By Jorden Morup Jorgensen, Jean Joss Copyright 2011
    552 Pages
    by CRC Press

    552 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The Biology of Lungfishes presents an up-to-date collection of reviews on some of the most important aspects of the life of lungfishes. The book draws on contributions from well-known experts with a long record of scientific work within their respective fields. The general natural history of the three genera of lungfishes, the fascinating fossil story, and modern ideas of lungfish phylogeny form the main part of the text. The book also covers the morphology and physiology of various organs.

    The Fossil Record of Lungfishes, Jennifer A. Clack, L. Sharp, John A. Long, and Esther

    Phylogeny of Lungfishes, Zerina Johanson and Per E. Ahlberg

    The General Natural History of the Australian Lungfish: Neoceratodus forsteri (Krefft, 1870), Peter K. Kind

    The General Natural History of the African Lungfishes, Chrisestom M. Mlewa, John M. Green, and Robert L. Dunbrack

    The Lungfish Biology of the South American Lungfish: Lepidosiren Paradoxa, Vera Maria Fonseca de Almeida-Val, Sérgio Ricardo Nozawa, Nívia Pires Lopes, Paulo Henrique Rocha Aride, Lenise Socorro Mesquita-Saad, Maria de Nazaré, Paula da Silva, Rubens Tomio Honda, Mônica S. Ferreira-Nozawa, and Adalberto Luis Val

    Early Head Development in the Australian Lungfish: Neoceratodus forsteri, Rolf Ericsson, Jean Joss, and Lennart Olsson

    The Head Muscles of Dipnoans—A Review on the Homologies and Evolution of These Muscles within Vertebrates, Rui Diogo and Virginia Abdala

    The Dipnoan Dentition: A Unique Adaptation with a Longstanding Evolutionary Record, Moya Meredith Smith and Zerina Johanson

    The Integument of Lungfish: General Structure and Keratin Composition, Lorenzo Alibardi, Jean Joss, and Mattia Toni

    Respiratory Function in Lungfish (Dipnoi) and a Comparison to Land Vertebrates, Mogens L. Glass

    Respiratory Adaptations in Lungfish Blood and Hemoglobin, Roy E. Weber and Frank Bo Jensen

    Lungfish Metabolism, James S. Ballantyne and Natasha T. Frick

    The Lungfish Digestive System, Masoud Hassanpour and Jean M.P. Joss

    The Lungfish Urogenital System, Jean M.P. Joss

    The Lungfish Endocrine System, Jean M.P. Joss

    The Central Nervous System of Lungfishes, R. Glenn Northcutt

    Vision in Lungfish, Justin Marshall, Shaun Collin, Nathan Hart, and Helena Bailes

    The Lateral Line System in Lungfishes: Mechanoreceptive Neuromasts and Electroreceptive Ampullary Organs, Jørgen Mørup Jørgensen

    The Inner Ear of Lungfishes, Jørgen Mørup Jørgensen and Arthur N. Popper

    Hearing in the African Lungfish: Protopterus annectens, Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard, Christian Brandt, Maria Wilson, Magnus Wahlberg, and Peter Teglberg Madsen


    Jørden Mørup Jørgensen, Department of Zoophysiology, Biology Institute, University of Aarhus, Denmark

    Jean Joss, Department of Biology Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia