1st Edition

The Biology of Nematodes

Edited By Donald L Lee Copyright 2002

    The Biology of Nematodes synthesizes knowledge of the biology of free-living, plant-parasitic, and animal-parasitic nematodes. Contributed works by recognized researchers apply groundbreaking molecular techniques, many of which resulted from work on Caenorhabditis elegans, toward new approaches to the study of nematode worms.

    Topics covered include:
    ¨ Systematics and phylogeny
    ¨ Neuromuscular physiology
    ¨ Locomotion
    ¨ Sense organs
    ¨ Behavior
    ¨ Aging
    ¨ The nematode genome
    ¨ Survival strategies
    ¨ Immunology
    ¨ Epidemiology
    ¨ Structure and organization
    ¨ Gametes and fertilization
    ¨ Development
    ¨ Feeding, digestion, and metabolism

    Systematic Position & Phylogeny
    Mark Blaxter and Paul De Ley

    General Organization
    Lynda M. Gibbons

    Life Cycles
    Donald Lee

    Male and Female Gametes and Fertilization
    Jean-Lou Justine

    Embryology, Developmental Biology and the Genome
    Ian Hope

    Roland N. Perry

    Cuticle, Moulting, Growth and Exsheathment
    Donald Lee

    Feeding and Digestion
    Ed Munn and Patricia Munn

    Feeding Behavior of Plant Parasitic Nematodes
    Urs Wyss

    Carolyn Behm

    Excretion/Secretion, Ionic and Osmotic Regulation
    Dave P. Thompson & Tim G. Geary

    Neuromuscular Organization and Control in Nematodes
    Richard Martin, J. Purcell, A.P. Robertson, and M.A. Valkanov

    R. McNeill Alexander

    Nematode Sense Organs
    John Jones

    Donald Lee

    Nematode Survival Strategies
    David Wharton

    David Gems

    Immunology of Nematode Infection
    Haruhiko Maruyama & Yukifumi Nawa

    Biological Control
    Brian R. Kerry & William M. Hominick

    Behavior of Entomopathogenic Nematodes
    Nobuyoshi Ishibashi

    Chemical Control of Animal-Parasitic Nematodes
    George A. Conder

    Anthelmintic Resistance
    Nick Sangster & R.J. Dobson

    Molecular Approaches to Novel Crop Resistance against Nematodes
    Howard Atkinson

    Epidemiology and Control of Nematode Infection and Disease in Humans
    Don A. Bundy, Helen L. Guyatt, and E. Michael


    Donald L Lee

    'This multi-authored volume edited by Donald Lee is the culmination of his long term commitment to furthering our understanding of these organisms which are ubiquitous in nature and often important parasites of plants and animals. In this book the vast body of knowledge about nematodes is organised into themes and within each theme, the available knowledge is discussed across the whole arena of nematode variation. It is particularly pleasing to read reviews that incorporate work done not only at the end of the 20th Century but in some cases, as long ago as the 19th Century. This is a tribute to the scholarship of the participating authors and thus, a commendation of this interesting volume' Bridget M. Ogilvie, DBE, ScD, from the Foreword