1st Edition

The Body in Sound, Music and Performance Studies in Audio and Sonic Arts

Edited By Linda O Keeffe, Isabel Nogueira Copyright 2023
    304 Pages 85 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    304 Pages 85 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    The Body in Sound, Music and Performance brings together cutting-edge contributions from women working on and researching contemporary sound practice.

    This highly interdisciplinary book features a host of international contributors and places emphasis on developments beyond the western world, including movements growing across Latin America. Within the book, the body is situated as both the site and centre for knowledge making and creative production. Chapters explore how insightful theoretical analysis, new methods, innovative practises, and sometimes within the socio-cultural conditions of racism, sexism and classicism, the body can rise above, reshape and deconstruct understood ideas about performance practices, composition, and listening/sensing.

    This book will be of interest to both practitioners and researchers in the fields of sonic arts, sound design, music, acoustics and performance.

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    New Epistemologies of Sound

    1. Forces at Play
    2. Heather Frasch

    3. Why should we care about the body? On what Enactive-Ecological Musical Approaches have to Offer
    4. Lauren Hayes

    5. Under Mar Paradoxo [Paradox Sea] and Coastal Silences
    6. Raquel Stolf

      Gendered Sounds, Spaces and Places

    7. Deep Situated Listening Among Hearing Heads and Affective Bodies
    8. Sanne Krogh Groth

    9. The Field is Mined and Full of "Minas"- Women's Music in Paraíba: Kalyne Lima and Sinta A Liga Crew
    10. Tânia Mello Neiva

    11. Working with Womens Work: Towards the embodied curator
    12. Irene Revell

    13. Tejucupapo Women: Sound Mangrove Bodies and Performance Creation
    14. Luciana Lyra

      New Methodologies in Sound Art and Performance Practice

    15. Looking for Silence in the Body
    16. Ida Mara Freire

    17. OUR body in #sonicwilderness & #soundasgrowing
    18. Antye Greie (AGF/poemproducer)

    19. What makes the Wolves Howl Under the Moon? Sound Poetics of Territory-Spirit-Bodies for Well-Living
    20. Laila Rosa & Adriana Gabriela Santos Teixeira

    21. Dispatches: Cartographing and Sharing Listenings
    22. Lílian Campesato and Valéria Bonafé

    23. Applying Feminist Methodologies in the Sonic Arts: Listening To Brazilian Women Talk about Sound
    24. Linda O Keeffe and Isabel Nogueira

      The Body Technology

    25. The Sensuality of Low Frequency Sound
    26. Cat Hope

    27. Cynosuric Bodies
    28. Susan E. Green-Mateu and Margaret Schedel

    29. The Violining Body in Anthèmes II by Pierre Boulez
    30. Irine Røsnes

    31. ‘Try to walk with the sound of my footsteps so that we can stay together’: Sonic Presence and Virtual Embodiment in Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller’s Audio and Video Walks
    32. Sophie Knezic

    33. Breathing (as Listening): An Emotional Bridge for Telepresence
    34. Ximena Alarcón-Díaz

    35. Foley Performance and Sonic Implicit Interactions: How Foley Artists Might Hold the Secret for the Design of Sonic Implicit Interactions

    Sandra Pauletto



    Linda O Keeffe is a sound artist, and Senior Lecturer of sound art and sound studies at the University of Edinburgh, founder of Women in Sound Women on Sound and editor in chief of Interference Journal: A Journal of Auditory Cultures.

    Isabel Nogueira is a professor at the Music Department of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She co-ordinates the Sonic Research Group in Gender, Body and Music.

    "Through eliciting and compiling new writings from a formidable list of women with broad and diverse sound practices and expertise, O Keeffe and Nogueira have produced an intriguing volume. This book contains a wealth of information and thoughtful analysis in it’s varied chapters, including a fascinating piece that offers a fresh perspective on the world of foley artists by positing them as actual actors or performers. The Body in Sound, Music and Performance offers a generous sampling of voices exploring essential connections between sound and the body."

    Pamela Z, composer and performer

    "The Body in Sound, Music and Performance is an important and progressive collection of essays on contemporary sonic art thought and practice featuring contributions from many distinguished theorists and practitioners. It is an impressive contribution in particular to understanding diverse perspectives on embodiment in contemporary sound art, music, and performance practices." 

    Dr Liz Dobson, University of Huddersfield, Yorkshire Sound Women Network C.I.C.

    "[This] is the first edited book of its kind that makes a relevant contribution to contemporary sound practice with a strongly informed feminist lens. This is a turning point book with carefully curated accounts from a multiplicity of rich, vivid, and personal voices of expert women practitioners and researchers…I truly recommend this book to anyone interested in discovering new and refreshing ideas that can contribute towards creating more egalitarian, diverse and inclusive spaces within sonic art practices and sound studies."

    Anna Xambó Sedó, Senior Lecturer in Music and Audio Technology, De Montfort University