1st Edition

The British Cotton Trade, 1660-1815 Vol 2

By Beverly Lemire Copyright 2010

    Cotton was the first industrialized global trade. This four-volume reset edition charts the rise of British trade in cotton from the days of small-scale trading between the Middle East and India to the domination of British-led industrialized manufacture.

    Introduction to Part II, International Trade and the Politics of Consumption: Opportunity or Threat? Review of the State of the British Nation ( 1707), Celia Fiennes, Through England on a Side Saddle, William HI, 'An Act for the more Effectuall Imploying the Poor by Incourageing the Manufactures of this Kingdom* ( 1698-9) Newspapers Mirror the Calico Trade ( 1679-1720) Proceedings on the Kings Commission of the Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol Delivery for the City of London (1684-1722) The Anti-Calico Debates Continue, The Case of Several Thousand Poor of the Wooll Manufacture, Ruined by the Printing, Staining and Dying ofLinnens in England ([1701?])R. L., Prides Exchange Broke Up: or Indian Calicoes and Silks Expos'd (1703) Daily Courant (1710) Reasons Humbly Offer d to the Honourable House of Commons, by the Callicoe-Printers, against the Duty Intended to be Laid on Printed Callicoes and Linnens ([1711?]), A Brief State of the East India Trade, as it relates to the other Branches of the British Commerce ([1715?]) The Calico Campaign 1719-20, The Case of the Weavers of the City of London and Parts Adjacent ([1719- 20]) Journal of the House of Commons (1719-20) Journal of the House of Lords ( 1720) Calico Campaign: Pamphlet Wars. /Part Contents.