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The British Society for the Philosophy of Religion Series

About the Series

Philosophy of religion is undergoing a fascinating period of development and transformation. Public interest is growing as the power of religion for both good and ill is becoming ever more apparent, as energetic forms of atheism open up the public imagination to many philosophical questions about God, and as fresh perspectives and questions arise due to the unprecedented level of interaction between different religious faiths. The British Society for the Philosophy of Religion harnesses, reflects and further promotes these interests, within the UK and internationally. The BSPR is the UK's main forum for the interchange of ideas in the philosophy of religion. This series, in association with the BSPR, presents books devoted to themes of major concern within the field of philosophy of religion - books which will significantly shape contemporary debate around key themes both nationally and internationally.

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God, Mind and Knowledge

God, Mind and Knowledge

1st Edition

Andrew Moore
May 13, 2014

The themes of God, Mind and Knowledge are central to the philosophy of religion but they are now being taken up by professional philosophers who have not previously contributed to the field. This book is a collection of original essays by eminent and rising philosophers and it explores the...

God, Goodness and Philosophy

God, Goodness and Philosophy

1st Edition

Harriet A. Harris
November 28, 2011

Does belief in God yield the best understanding of value? Can we provide transcendental support for key moral concepts? Does evolutionary theory undermine or support religious moralities? Is divine forgiveness unjust? Can a wholly good God understand evil? Should philosophy of religion proceed in a...

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