1st Edition

The British Transatlantic Slave Trade Vol 1

    Contains primary texts relating to the British slave trade in the 17th and 18th century. The first volume contains two 18th-century texts covering the slave trade in Africa. Volume two focuses on the work of the Royal African company, and volumes three and four focus on the abolitionists' struggle.

    Volume 1: The Operation of the Slave Trade in Africa John Hawkins, A true declaration of the troublesome voyage of M John Hawkins to the parties of Guynea and the West Indies, in the yeares of our Lord 1567 and 1568 (1569); John Matthews, A Voyage to the River Sierra-Leone (1788); John Adams, Sketches taken during Ten Voyages to Africa between the years 1786 and 1800 (1821); Gomer Williams, excerpt from History of the Liverpool Privateers and Letters of Marque, with an Account of the Liverpool Slave Trade (1897)