1st Edition

The British Wars, 1637-1651

By Peter Gaunt Copyright 1997
    116 Pages
    by Routledge

    116 Pages
    by Routledge

    During the 1640s, the kingdoms ruled by Charles I - England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland - were gripped by a series of civil wars and conflicts which were, in part, distinct to each kingdom, but which also overlapped and inter-related, leading some British historians to portray them as a single 'British' conflict. The British Wars by Peter Gaunt offers a concise history of these wars, from the beginning of Charles I's travails with the Scots to the conclusion of the wars at the Battle of Worcester and the English conquest of Ireland and Scotland.
    Providing a clear, concise and balanced account of events in England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland, this book
    * explores the relationship between the three kingdoms
    *looks at military, political and religious developments in each
    * assesses whether the wars can be seen as a single 'British' conflict or should be viewed as a series of inter-related but essentially separate wars.

    Time Line Map 1: England and Wales, 1639–51 Map 2: Scotland, 1639–51 Map 3: Ireland, 1641–52 1 Introduction: an English or a British civil war? 2 Prelude to Conflict?: the Early Stuart Inheritance 3 From Peace to War in Three Kingdoms, 1637–42 4 The British Wars, 1642–7 5 A British Military Settlement, 1647–51 6 Conclusions: a Common Experience?


    Peter Gaunt