1st Edition

The Business of People Leadership for the Changing World

By Iain Fraser, Madeleine Taylor Copyright 2020
    188 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    186 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    The Business of People is purposefully focused on people. The book will assist you to develop and support yourself with your people leadership, knowledge, and skills. It is an opportunity to better manage yourself and lead others, including your organization, into the modern volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world. It is also a sequel to the top-selling book The Business of Portfolio Management: Boosting Organizational Value.

    Authors Madeleine Taylor and Iain Fraser combine to give you the very best in knowledge and experience in a variety of situations. This is a book that cuts through the nonsense and presents real-world solutions for situations facing leaders today and tomorrow.

    Shifting from managing people to leading people requires a pivot...Leadership matters because the future is at greater risk without it. Regardless of where you are in your leadership journey I am confident this new book from Madeleine and Iain will be a valuable resource for you. Enjoy the journey, it never ends.
    Mark A. Langley, Former President and CEO, Project Management Institute

    Iain and Madeleine are honest and raw about the challenges faced, and the resiliency needed, to lead in business.
    Suzanne M. O’Gorman, Senior Strategic Business Architect, United Healthcare Group

    In a world where leadership increasingly requires emotional and cultural intelligence skills, this masterpiece couldn’t be any timelier.
    Dr. Hilary Aza, Senior Portfolio Manager, Tarrant County, Texas

    Essential for anyone seeking to better understand their personal leadership and to inform further development.
    Rob Loader, Executive, Capital Planning & Delivery, Telstra Corporation

    The book to me is written from a position of empowerment, cultural acknowledgment, hopefulness, and purpose.
    Elissa Farrow, Founder, About Your Transition

    This book will challenge your own thinking and behaviour and give you an opportunity to develop your adaptability and leadership style for an evolving future.
    Thomas Davis, GM, Corporate Services, Capital & Coast District Health Board, New Zealand

    Section One: Managing Yourself and Being the Best You Can Be
    1.1 The Story So Far—Your Behavior Matters!
    1.2 Case Study
    1.3 Solutions for the Situation
    1.3.1 Understanding How Your Brain Works
    1.3.2 Increasing Your Self-Awareness
    1.3.3 How Can You Change to Be the Best You Can Be?
    1.3.4 Your Current Work Situation—An Awareness of the Pool in Which You Are Swimming
    1.4 Case Study
    1.5 Tools

    Section Two: Leading Others One-on-One—Helping Others Be the Best They Can Be
    2.1 The Story So Far—Understanding and Working with Others
    2.2 Case Study
    2.3 Solutions for the Situation
    2.3.1 Setting Up for Success: Planning Your Interactions—Using Three Primary Negotiations
    2.3.2 Supporting People
    2.3.3 Daily Details and Corrections
    2.4 Case Study—Using These Ideas for Success
    2.5 Tools

    Section Three: Managing Groups—Working Together for Great Outcomes
    3.1 The Story So Far—People Behave Consistently in Groups
    3.2 Case Study
    3.3 Solutions for the Situation
    3.3.1 Life Cycle of Groups
    3.3.2 Group Structures
    3.3.3 Group Dynamics
    3.3.4 Power Within a Group
    3.3.5 Dealing with Conflict
    3.3.6 Managing Group Processes
    3.4 Case Study
    3.5 Tools

    Section Four: Leading the Organization—Creating a Dynamic Organization Which Delivers Ongoing Value
    4.1 The Story So Far—Building Organizational Competence
    4.2 Case Study
    4.3 Solutions for the Situation
    4.3.1 The 3P’s to Success—Being Clear About What You Are Doing
    4.3.2 Culture—Delivering the Culture That Supports Your Vision
    4.3.3 Change, Change, Change
    4.3.4 Organizational Agility
    4.3.5 Organizational Sustainability
    4.4 Case Study
    4.5 Tools


    Iain Fraser is somebody who truly understands the need for organizational change toward entities that are focused on developing their people to explore and deliver business value. Iain has worked with and led teams around the world in the banking and finance, defense, engineering, government, oil & gas, power, and telecommunications sectors. Today he is a sought-after speaker, trusted advisor and trainer on business value and change. Author of the top-selling business book The Business of Portfolio Management— Boosting Organizational Value as well as over 25 other publications. He uses his more than 30 years’ professional and leadership experience to craft his speaking, training, and mentoring activities.

    Madeleine Taylor has worked with people on the forefront of trouble throughout her professional life, including mental and physical health, grief and loss, conflict and organizational challenges. Through that she has connected with people from many walks of life. Taylor provides training, supervision, facilitation, and executive coaching. Of special interest for the past five years, she has been working with parents and educators about the impact of the overindulgent world on children and families.