1st Edition

The Business of Personal Finance How to Improve Financial Wellness

By Joseph Calandro Jr, John Hoffmire Copyright 2022
    108 Pages
    by Routledge

    108 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book is no ordinary personal finance book. It presents, in a highly accessible way, how to effectively understand and manage personal finances, avoiding debt and building for the future, and using straightforward tools and techniques developed in conjunction with business economics.

    Fun to read, the book leverages core corporate finance principles in a way that helps people become more financially literate in their personal lives. The premise of this book–that personal and corporate finance can and should be learned together to improve financial wellness and know-how–is considered a breakthrough. Using approaches that have been tried, tested, and proven to work with individuals and employees, the authors apply common business activities like "due diligence," and tools, such as "financial statement analysis," to personal finance. This connection has not been presented before, either theoretically or practically. And yet it has the power to both transform how individuals successfully manage their own finances, and, at the same time, informs and educates them in the important aspects of the financial direction of the organizations in which they work.

    This is a must-have book for those who are looking for a credible reference tool for how to effectively manage their own finances and for organizations seeking to assist their employees in good financial management, at every level, both in work and at home.


    Chapter 1 – The "Ten Commandments" of Financial Wellness

    Chapter 2 – Spending, Saving and Interest

    Chapter 3 – Ownership and Open Book Management

    Chapter 4 – Strategy and Prices

    Chapter 5 – Risk Management

    Chapter 6 – Cyber Risk

    Chapter 7 – Financial Statements and Personal Finance

    Chapter 8 – Small Business Finance

    Chapter 9 – Your Home

    Chapter 10 – Be Careful with Debt

    Chapter 11 – Physical and Financial Wellness

    Chapter 12 – Personal Investing

    Chapter 13 – Other Kinds of Investments

    Conclusion and Five More Commandments of Financial Wellness



    Joseph Calandro, Jr. is Managing Director of a global consulting firm, Fellow of the Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis at Fordham University, and a contributing editor of Strategy & Leadership.

    John Hoffmire is Research Associate, Kellogg College, University of Oxford, and an associate member of the Senior Common Room, Regent’s Park College. He is also Chairman of Oxford Pharmaceuticals; Chairman of Cadence Innova; Founder of the Center on Business and Poverty; and Director and Chairman, Personal Finance Employee Education Fund.

    This short guide to personal finance is chock-full of experienced-based economic wisdom. I wish I could have read it sixty years ago at the start of my career. Regardless of your age, read it now. Absorb its lessons. They will show you how to make better financial and life-cycle decisions to achieve personal financial wellness.

    Richard Sylla, co-author of A History of Interest Rates 4th Ed., Professor Emeritus of Economics, New York University; chairman of the Museum of American Finance (2010-2020)

    Joe Calandro and John Hoffmire have very effectively written about financial literacy in a way that is practical, accessible and academically strong. This is an excellent resource for those who wish to obtain a better grasp of, and improve, their personal finance. 

    Susana Frazao Pinheiro, Head, Healthcare and Life Sciences, School of Management, University College London

    Financial independence is the cornerstone of personal freedom and this book provides the most succinct guide I’ve seen for wealth creation. I’m giving copies to all my children and grandchildren — those here and those to come!

    John J. Sviokla, author of The Self-Made Billionaire Effect: How Extreme Producers Create Massive Value, PwC Principal (retired), and former Associate Professor of Harvard Business School

    I really love the book. It is fresh. And the stories about the financial foibles of well-known celebrities are fascinating.

    Tom Garman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech

    "Someone should have written this book a long time ago. It’s clear that the ways individuals, families, and companies budget, keep track of cash, and measure net worth are similar. But until I read this book, I had never seen anyone make this point."

    Jim Goodman, President, Gemini Investors

    "Research shows that more Americans are stressed about their finances than they are by their job, relationships, health concerns or any other stressor. Many don't have access to professionals who can guide them and even those who do may not be confident enough to know where to start and what questions to ask. Raising the level of financial wellness across our society is imperative and, on an individual basis, is life changing. I recommend this book as a great way to understand the practical fundamentals and get started on a path to a better financial future. With relatable examples and actionable insights, everyone can be inspired to take control and set a path for less stress, more confidence and a better life for themselves and their loved ones."

    Juneen Belknap Kirk, PwC Principal and Financial Wellness Practice Lead

    "Calandro and Hoffmire insightfully apply the principles of corporate finance, corporate strategy and value investing to personal finance in a very engaging and informative way. It is a great read for all, from college students to retirees, regardless of income level."

    James Russell Kelly, Director of the Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis at Fordham University

    "This is a practical book. As societies address inequality, having people become more financially literate is required. Calandro and Hoffmire offer means to help individuals and families. The fact that they practically suggest ways to involve employers is also very useful."

    Sara Roth, President, Goldhirsh Foundation

    "A question came to mind when I was reading, The Business of Personal Finance: How to Improve Financial Wellness. I asked myself: why wasn’t this book written years ago? Then it struck me that this is the perfect time."

    Joe Saari, Founder, Financial Fitness Group

    "Readers of many types will benefit from this book. Employees, employee owners, students, investors, and those who are developing their first personal budgets will all find important concepts between these pages."

    Ken Serwinski, Co-founder and Chairman, Prairie Capital Advisors; Chairman, Personal Finance Employee Education Fund