1st Edition

The CIO’s Guide to Information Security Incident Management

    266 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

    266 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    266 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    This book will help IT and business operations managers who have been tasked with addressing security issues. It provides a solid understanding of security incident response and detailed guidance in the setting up and running of specialist incident management teams. Having an incident response plan is required for compliance with government regulations, industry standards such as PCI DSS, and certifications such as ISO 27001. This book will help organizations meet those compliance requirements.



    Chapter 1 Oh, No. It’s All Gone Horribly Wrong!

    Chapter 2 And, Breathe …

    Chapter 3 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

    Chapter 4 Introduction Amber Inc. and Jade Ltd.

    Chapter 5 And What Is a Security Incident?

    Chapter 6 The Incident Timeline

    Chapter 7 Types and Priorities

    Chapter 8 The Investigation Cycle

    Chapter 9 Roles and Responsibilities

    Chapter 10 Policies and Documentation

    Chapter 11 Selecting, Building and Motivating Your Team

    Chapter 12 Information and Communications Systems

    Chapter 13 Managing the Backstage Crew

    Chapter 14 Dealing with External Agencies

    Chapter 15 Training, Qualification and Certification

    Chapter 16 Managing the Investigations Cycle: Notification, Reporting and Expectancy Management

    Chapter 17 Team Management

    Chapter 18 Recording Information, Activities and Decisions

    Chapter 19 Post-Incident Review

    Chapter 20 Network and Security Monitoring

    Chapter 21 Special Handling Investigations

    Chapter 22 Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery

    Chapter 23 Next Steps for the CIO



    Eur Ing Matthew William Arthur Pemble, CEng, FBCS, MIET, is one of the founders and directors of Goucher Consulting, a niche security consultancy, specializing in corporate standards and compliance. Perhaps recently best known for his contributions to security testing and incident management, Matthew also has considerable experience in policy-based and technical security. As well has having worked for the military, and private sector organizations ranging from large banks to small consultancies, he has also provided product development support to various security vendors, including Cronto and Qualys, Inc. He currently spends much of his time working on the privacy and security issues, and preparing to deal with any incidents, regarding Scotland’s next census.

    Wendy Goucher is a specialist in the behavioural aspect of information security, which we now have to call ‘Cyber Security,’ and co-director of Goucher Consulting Ltd. Her background is in social science and her first career was as a lecturer in any management subject that didn’t involve numbers, which included economics. For her day job, Wendy currently works on a range of business projects including audit and compliance preparation and training program design, with both public and private sector organizations. Wendy earned a Msc. (by research), from the University of Glasgow, in which she examined the shoulder surfing threat to mobile working. Wendy’s skill and unusual perspective on information security has enabled her to present at a number of international security conferences across the world. It also gave her the chance to become involved in a number of key projects with the BCS, ISACA, and the IEEE including producing international guidelines for security awareness training. She is also a published author with input into a number of professional publications, including a book on the career of information security auditors for the British Computer Society, and some non-standard elements to this book on incident management, and a history book. The latter had nothing to do with her day job until an archive needed to review its risk management.