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The Caribbean Blue Economy

ISBN 9780367263676
Published October 23, 2020 by Routledge
262 Pages

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Book Description

The Blue Economy is emerging on the global scene as a powerful and persuasive new concept for sustainable development based on economic activities associated with the ocean. Several regions globally have adopted this concept at national and regional levels, including the Caribbean. Given the complex, multisectoral and multilevel nature of the Blue Economy, it is clear that different approaches will be needed for different regions. Hence, this volume explores the opportunities, threats and risks involved in operationalising the Blue Economy in the Wider Caribbean Region, defined as northern Brazil to the USA and all mainland and island countries and territories in-between.

The first part of the book looks at where the region stands in the global picture regarding adoption of the Blue Economy and what is planned. The second set of chapters examines key crosscutting issues such as ecosystem services, climate change and governance at national and regional levels that could make or break the Blue Economy initiative. The book then goes on to explore the main sectoral activities that will constitute the Blue Economies in the region: fisheries, tourism, shipping and transport, renewable energy, oil and gas, seabed mining and waste management are all considered. The book ends with a synthesis of the political and technical requirements to overcome threats and take advantage of opportunities in the Blue Economy.

Table of Contents

1 The Blue Economy as a global initiative

Pawan G. Patil, John Virdin and Charles S. Colgan

2 Blue Economy opportunities and challenges for the Wider Caribbean

Peter Clegg, Robin Mahon, Patrick McConney and Hazel A. Oxenford

3 The Blue Economy winners and losers in the Wider Caribbean

Nicole Leotaud, Alexander Girvan and Sasha Jattansingh

4 The State of Marine Ecosystems that Support Blue Economies in the Wider Caribbean

Hazel A. Oxenford and Robin Mahon

5 Implications of climate change for Blue Economies in the Wider Caribbean

Michael A. Taylor, Mona K. Webber, Tannecia S. Stephenson, Felicia S. Whyte

6 The role of coastal and marine planning in achieving Blue Economies

Lorna Inniss, Lucia Fanning, Robin Mahon and Margaux Remond

7 Valuation of ecosystem services as a basis for investment in Blue Economies

Peter W. Schuhmann

8 National ocean governance as a foundation for blue economic development 

Patrick McConney and Sanya Compton

9 Regional ocean governance: An imperative for addressing Blue Economy challenges and opportunities in the Wider Caribbean

Lucia Fanning and Robin Mahon

10 Fisheries as a key component of Blue Economies in the Wider Caribbean

Hazel A. Oxenford and Patrick McConney

11 Tourism in the Caribbean and the Blue Economy – Can the two be aligned?

Peter Clegg, Janice Cumberbatch and Karima Degia

12 The role of shipping and marine transport in developing Blue Economies

David Jean-Marie

13 Renewable energy: an emerging Blue Economy sector

Indra Haraksingh 

14 Is there a future for the oil and gas sector within the Caribbean’s Blue Economy?

Anthony T. Bryan

15 The future of deep-seabed minerals and marine genetic resources in Blue Economies

Laleta Davis-Mattis

16 The role of waste management in underpinning the Blue Economy

Christopher Corbin

17 Financing the Blue Economy in the Wider Caribbean 

Justin Ram and Donna Kaidou-Jeffrey

18 Limits and opportunities in supporting the Blue Economy – A diplomat’s view

Sir Ronald Sanders

19 The Blue Economy in the Wider Caribbean: what is possible, what is probable and what is not

Robin Mahon, Hazel A. Oxenford, Patrick McConney and Peter Clegg

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