1st Edition

The Caspian Politics, Energy and Security

Edited By Shirin Akiner Copyright 2004
    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    432 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The Caspian redefines a Caspian debate long characterized by one-sided and politically motivated analyses and, at times, fantastic reporting. Bringing together a range of influential voices from academia, the media, the oil industry, civil service, the military and diplomatic corps, this book rewrites the region's recent history.

    Acknowledgements  Abbreviations  Preface  Maps  Notes on Authors Background  1. Caspian Intersections: Contextual Introduction S. Akiner Legal Issues  2. Legal History of the Caspian Sea A. Granmayeh  3. Negotiations on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea 1992-1996: View from Kazakhstan V. Gizzatov Geopolitics and Pipelines  4. Geopolitics of Hydrocarbons in Central and Western Asia A. Ehteshami  5. Pipeline Politics J. Roberts  6. Caspian Energy Development T. Adams Socio-Economic Issues  7. Natural Resources, Governance and Transition in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan R. Auty  8. The Role of Oil in the Development of Azerbaijan W. Olsen  9. Production Sharing Agreements and National Oil Funds M. Karayianni Regional Perspectives  10. Azerbaijan: Policy Priorities towards the Caspian Sea N. Nassibli  11. Turkmenistan's Caspian Resources and its International Political Economy G. Canzi  12. Kazakhstan: Oil, Politics an the New 'Great Game' M. Jafar  13. Jockeying for Power in the Caspian Region: Turkey versus Iran and Russia S. Bolukbasi  14. Division of the Caspian Sea: Iranian Policies and Concerns S. Namazi and F. Farzin  15. Russia's Policy in the Caspian Sea Region: Reconciling Economic and Security Agendas O. Antonenko  16. US Involvement in the Business and Politics of the Caspian Region C. Page  17. Japan's Eurasian Diplomacy: Power Politics, Resource Diplomacy, or Romanticism? R. Drifte Security Issues  18. Militarisation of the Caspian M. Katik  19. Chechnya: Post-Referendum Prospects for Normalisation C. Blandy  20. Whither South Caucasus: To Prosperity or to Conflict? U. Gerber  21. Environmental Security in the Caspian Sea S. Akiner Emerging Caspian Challenges  22. Ten Years On: Achievements, New Concerns, Future Prospects and Challenges S. Akiner  Index


    Shirin Akiner is Lecturer in Central Asian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK.

    'This is a stimulating and informative book about an exciting region full of opportunities for the bold and the clever. It is a book best dipped into but should not be missed by anyone with an interest in the region.' - The Journal of Energy Literature

    'This impeccably designed volume is very timely, as a sharp spike in oil prices brings international attention yet again to the potential sources of supply in the Caspian areas.' - Journal of Peace Research