1st Edition

The Catalpa Bow A Study of Shamanistic Practices in Japan

By Carmen Blacker Copyright 2000

    This classic work describes shamanic figures surviving in Japan today, their initiatory dreams, ascetic practices, the supernatural beings with whom they communicate, and the geography of the other world in myth and legend.

    1. The Bridge 

    2. The Sacred Beings 

    3. Witch Animals 

    4. The Other World 

    5. Ascesis 

    6. The Ancient Sibyl 

    7. The Living Goddess 

    8. The Blind Medium 

    9. The Ascetic’s Initiation 

    10. The Visionary Journey 

    11. The Symbolic Journey

    12. The Ascetic’s Power 

    13. Village Oracles 

    14. Mountain Oracles 

    15. Exorcism 

    16. Conclusion


    Carmen Blacker

    'One of the absolute 'must read' books on Japanese religious practice. It is also essential reading for those interested in asceticism, shamanism and spirit possession in general.' - Ian Reader, Culture and Religion

    'one suspects that the time may be not far off when it will come to be recognized as the best book on East Asian religion as a whole to emerge from Britain in the twentieth century.' - T. H. Barrett, Bulletin of SOAS