1st Edition

The Catholic Reformation

By Michael A. Mullett Copyright 1999

    The Catholic Reformation (1999) provides a dynamic and original history of this crucial movement in early modern Europe. Starting from the late middle ages, it clearly traces the continuous transformation of Catholicism in its structure, bodies and doctrine. Charting the gain in momentum of Catholic renewal from the time of the Council of Trent, it also considers the ambiguous effect of the Protestant Reformation in accelerating the renovation of the Catholic Church. It explores how and why the Catholic Reformation occurred, stressing that many moves towards restoration were underway well before the Protestant Reformation. The huge impact the Catholic renewal had, not only on the papacy, Church leaders and religious ritual and practice, but also on the lives of ordinary people – their culture, arts, attitudes and relationships – is shown in colourful detail.

    1. Reform in Head and Members: the Medieval Background of the Catholic Reformation  2. The Council of Trent and the Catholic Reformation  3. New Religious Orders  4. The Papacy and the Episcopate of the Catholic Reformation  5. The Impact of the Catholic Reformation  6. The Catholic Reformation and the People  7. The Catholic Reformation and the Arts


    Michael A. Mullett