1st Edition

The Celts Bronze Age to New Age

By John Haywood Copyright 2004

    This dramatic history traces the mysterious Celts from their dark origins, including Druids and King Arthur, right across Britain and Europe and looking at their beliefs, cultures and arts as well as their warring and expansion.

    The resurgence of Celtic identity in Britain and Europe has revitalized interest in Celtic history. At the same time, developments in genetics and archaeology have led to it becoming an arena of serious controversy. John Hayward explores the changing identity of Europe's Celtic speaking peoples through history, both as they saw themselves and as others saw them. Covering continental Europe, Britain and Ireland, and the present day Celtic global diaspora, this is a vibrant and meticulously researched account.

    Introduction  1. Origins of the Celts  2. The Great Migrations  3. The La Tène World   4. The Celts and the Roman Republic  5. Caesar's Conquest of Gaul  6. The Limits of Empire  7. The Celts int he Roman World  8. The Making and Breaking of Wales  9. Alba  10. Ireland and its invaders  11. The Land Facing the Sea  12. England's Celtic Ulcer  13. The End of the Clan System  14. The Celtic Revival  15. The Celtic Diaspora  16. The Celts Today


    John Haywood is a freelance historical writer. His many books include The Vikings, Historical Atlas of the Celtic World and Dark Age Naval Power.