1st Edition

The Chains Are Broken The Story of Jewish Emancipation

By Poul Borchsenius Copyright 1964
    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1964, this further volume in Poul Borchsenius’ history of the Jewish people, is the story of the emancipation from the time when the Jews lived a segregated life in the ghetto, until the Age of Enlightenment they achieved equality. This was the time of Moses Mendelssohn, the famous philosopher and of the poet Heinrich Heine who gave expression to contemporary thought in his lyrical poetry. It was also the time when the Rothschild dynasty became an economic and political factor in contemporary Europe, and the Dreyfus Affair promoted a new wave of antisemitism. In Eastern Europe, particularly, antisemitism took a violent turn, and it was this that made the founder of Israel, Theodor Herzl, begin to agitate for the establishment of a Jewish national state.

    1.The Three Rings 2. The Rings are Forged 3. Under the Crescent 4. -and the Star 5. The First Nightingale 6. Shadows of the Cross 7. The Song Birds Tune Their Lyres 8. No One Like Moses 9. The Cabbala 10. Thunder in the North 11. Castles in Spain 12. Reconquista 13. Isabella 14. Granada 15. Ahasverus.


    Poul Borchsenius was a Danish pastor and author. During the Nazi occupation of Denmark in the Second World War, Borchsenius was an active member of the underground resistance. He escaped to Sweden, where he engaged in welfare work among his Christian fellow-refugees.

    Original review of The Three Rings:

    ‘Superbly told, rich in scholarship, profound in sympathy, alive with the infectious vitality of the Jewish race.’ The Scotsman

    ‘A remarkably interesting and readable history of the Spanish Jews’ The Church Times.