1st Edition

The Challenge of Rural Democratisation Perspectives from Latin America

By Jonathan Fox Copyright 1990

    First published in 1990. The distribution of rural power in developing countries both shapes and is shaped by national politics. Focusing on Latin America and the Philippines, this volume addresses the question of why rural democratisation has proven to be so difficult across a wide range of national experiences.

    Chapter 1 Editor's Introduction, Jonathan Fox; Chapter 2 Rural Workers' Movements and Democratisation in Brazil, Cândido Grzybowski*National Scientific and Technological Development Council/Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Rio de Janeiro). The author would like to thank Jonathan Fox and Biorn Maybury-Lewis for helpful comments, Anne-Marie Smith for her careful translation, and Jennie Purnell for editorial assistance.; Chapter 3 The Political Crisis and the Prospects for Rural Democracy in Colombia, Leon Zamosc*Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego. Fieldwork for this research was made possible by grants from UCSD's Senate Committee on Research and the Latin American Program of the Social Science Research Council. For useful comments, the author is grateful to Jonathan Fox, Charles Bergquist, Jeff Weintraub, Bennett Berger, Juan Diez Medrano, Alejandro Reyes, and Ana María Bejarano. Parts of the article were translated by Charles Roberts.; Chapter 4 The Challenges of Rural Democratisation in Mexico, Luisa*Social Research Institute, National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico City). The author would like to thank Jennie Purnell for her translation and editorial assistance. Paré; Chapter 5 Liberal Democracy and Ayllu Democracy in Bolivia: The Case of Northern Potosí, Rivera Cusicanqui Silvia; Chapter 6 The State, the Peasantry and the Sandinista Revolution, Marvin*Director, Itztani Research Institute, Managua, Nicaragua. The author would like to thank David Lewis for his translation, and Charles Roberts and Betsy Aron for editorial ssistance. Ortega; Chapter 7 The Peasant Movement and the Challenge of Rural Democratisation in the Philippines, Francisco LaraJr., Horacio R. MoralesJr.*Francisco Lara, Jr. is the Project Development Director of the Philippine Peasant Institute. Horacio R. Morales, Jr. is the President of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement and the Executive Director of the Cooperative Foundation of the Philippines. The authors would like to thank Ricky Santos, Barbara Fortunato, and the staffs of PPI and PRRM for their research assistance, and Alvin Firmeza for his editorial advice., Editor's note: Thanks also to Jenny Franco for editorial assistance].;


    Jonathan Fox