1st Edition

The Challenges of Trade Law Volume IV

By Tania Voon, Andrew Mitchell Copyright 2013
    546 Pages
    by Routledge

    The essays selected for this volume offer significant contributions to the ongoing exploration of the intersection between, on the one hand, international trade law and, on the other hand, the overlapping spheres of the environment, development, labour, human rights, public morals, culture, competition, investment, and finance. The volume takes in to account the key challenges to international trade law in terms of the non-trade objectives that governments, policy-makers, legal professionals, NGOs and scholars consider when developing, interpreting, critiquing, implementing or enforcing the law of the World Trade Organization and preferential trade agreements. The essays represent leading research from the period between 1998 and 2012 and are complemented by an introduction and bibliography providing further context and insights.

    Contents: Introduction; Part I Trade and Environment: What is free trade? The real issue lurking behind the trade and environment debate, David M. Driesen; Climate and trade policies: from mutual destruction to mutual support, Patrick A. Messerlin. Part II Trade and Development: The rule(s) of trade and the rhetos of development: reflections on the functional and aspirational legitimacy of the WTO, Tomer Broude. Part III Trade and Labour: The (neglected) employment dimension of the World Trade Organization, Steve Charnovitz. Part IV Trade and Human Rights: The global market and human rights: trading away the human rights principle, Frank J. Garcia; Trade and human rights: a relationship to discover, Thomas Cottier. Part V Trade and Morality: The moral exception in trade policy, Steve Charnovitz. Part VI Trade and Culture: Trade liberalization and cultural policy, Mary E. Footer and Christoph Beat Graber. Part VII Trade, Competition and Investment: Foreign direct investment and competition policy at the World Trade Organization, Kevin C. Kennedy; Nondiscrimination in trade and investment treaties: worlds apart or two sides of the same coin?, Nicholas DiMascio and Joost Pauwelyn. Part VIII Trade and Finance: ’Currency manipulation’ and world trade, Robert W. Staiger and Alan O. Sykes; Name index.


    Tania Voon is Professor and Associate Dean at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne, Australia. Andrew Mitchell is Professor at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne, Australia and Glyn Ayres is BCL Candidate at the University of Oxford, UK and JD Candidate at the University of Melbourne, Australia.