1st Edition

The Changing French Political System

Edited By Robert Elgie Copyright 2000

    Examining the nature of the Fifth Republic after its first 42 years, this study looks at the challenges posed by new parties and new expressions of political mobilization. Entrenched policy routines are being undermined by the emergence of new actors and the failure of old paradigms.

    Chapter 1 The Changing French Political System: Introduction, Robert Elgie; Chapter 2 The Parties of the French ‘Plural Left’: An Uneasy Complementarity, Joseph Szarka; Chapter 3 The Right: Divisions and Cleavages in fin de siècle France, Paul Hainsworth; Chapter 4 The New Social Movement Phenomenon: Placing France in Comparative Perspective, Andrew Appleton; Chapter 5 Amendments to the French Constitution: One Surprise After Another, Guy Carcassonne; Chapter 6 The Fifth Republic: From the Droit de l'État to the État de droit?, Vincent Wright; Chapter 7 The Changing Role of French Local Government, Emmanuel Négrier; Chapter 8 The Changing Dynamics of State-Society Relations in the Fifth Republic, Vivien A. Schmidt; Chapter 9 The Service Public Under Stress, Alistair Cole; Chapter 10 Restructuring Health Policy Networks: A French Policy Style?, Steven Griggs; Chapter 11 The End of French Exceptionalism?, Jill Lovecy; abstracts Abstracts;


    Robert Elgie

    'Charts the most significant areas of change in contemporary French politics.' - European Access Plus