1st Edition

The Chartist General Charles James Napier, The Conquest of Sind, and Imperial Liberalism

By Edward Beasley Copyright 2017
    by Routledge

    388 Pages
    by Routledge

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    General Charles James Napier was sent to confront the tens of thousands of Chartist protestors marching through the cities of the North of England in the late 1830s. A well-known leftist who agreed with the Chartist demands for democracy, Napier managed to keep the peace. In South Asia, the same man would later provoke a war and conquer Sind. In this first-ever scholarly biography of Napier, Edward Beasley asks how the conventional depictions of the man as a peacemaker in England and a warmonger in Asia can be reconciled. Employing deep archival research and close readings of Napier's published books (ignored by prior scholars), this well-written volume demonstrates that Napier was a liberal imperialist who believed that if freedom was right for the people of England it was right for the people of Sind -- even if "freedom" had to be imposed by military force. Napier also confronted the messy aftermath of Western conquest, carrying out nation-building with mixed success, trying to end the honour killing of women, and eventually discovering the limits of imperial interference.

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    Introduction: Liberalism and Napier

    Part I: Boyhood and War

    Chapter 1: Early Days

    Chapter 2: A Soldier

    Chapter 3: In America and France

    Part II: The Radical Abroad and at Home

    Chapter 4: Greece and the Greeks

    Chapter 5: Cephalonia and the Greek Revolution

    Chapter 6: Social Reform for Cephalonia

    Chapter 7: Departure and Bereavement

    Chapter 8: Australia and Idealism

    Chapter 9: Flogging and Politics

    Part III: The North of England

    Chapter 10: The Coming of Chartism

    Chapter 11: Command in the North

    Chapter 12: The Long-Term Threat

    Chapter 13: Newport and After

    Part IV: The Conquest of Sind

    Chapter 14: To India and Sind

    Chapter 15: Napier's Motivations

    Chapter 16: To and from the Battle of Miani

    Chapter 17: The Battle of Dubba

    Part V: 'In Scinde as in Cephalonia….'

    Chapter 18: Victory in the Sun

    Chapter 19: 'To Protect the Poor from Barbarian Tyranny!'

    Chapter 20: Conflict and Decline

    Part VI: Commander-in-Chief

    Chapter 21: Home and Back

    Chapter 22: Reforming the Army

    Chapter 23: The Kohat Expedition

    Chapter 24: The Mutinies of Charles James Napier

    Conclusion: Napier, Liberalism, and Imperialism



    Edward Beasley is Professor of History at San Diego State University. He is author of The Victorian Reinvention of Race, Empire as the Triumph of Theory and Mid-Victorian Imperialists, all available from Routledge.