1st Edition

The Chemistry and Biology of Beta-Lactams

By Zerong Wang Copyright 2023
    468 Pages 1 Color & 240 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    468 Pages 1 Color & 240 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    This new volume provides the most updated information about beta-lactams relating to both the pharmaceutical industry and synthetic chemistry. It provides the antibiotic activities as well as chemical reactivities of beta-lactams, which are important because they are commonly applied as antibiotics in the treatment of bacterial infections. The volume provides comprehensive coverage of most of the known beta-lactam antibiotics with both structural and biological information, antibiotic mechanisms, self-defense mechanisms of bacteria, nearly all known synthetic methods for the preparation of beta-lactams, and possible reactions in which beta-lactams can participate.

    Key features:

    • Provides the most comprehensive collection of beta-lactam antibiotics (up to 269 molecules) with chemical structures, CAS number, IUPAC names and associated biological activities attached
    • Offers a comprehensive and detailed collection of beta-lactamase databases
    • Explains the self-defense mechanisms of bacteria for surviving, including the formation of biofilm and conversion into L-form and secretion of beta-lactamase to deactivate the beta-lactam antibiotics
    • Provides a comprehensive survey on the synthetic methods to make beta-lactams
    • Gives all of the possible reactions involving beta-lactams as the starting materials
    • Surveys over 1000 research works and includes all available DOI information

    The volume is a valuable resource on the antibiotic activities as well as chemical reactivities of beta-lactams for researchers and scientists, faculty, and advanced students, as well as for industry professionals working in medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, organic chemistry, organic synthesis, heterocycles, proteins and peptides.

    1. beta-Lactams and Antibiotics

    2. Antimicrobial Activity of beta-Lactams and Bacterial Resistance

    3. Synthetic Methods of beta-Lactams

    4. Reactions of beta-Lactams


    Zerong Wang, PhD, is a full Professor at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, Texas. Prior to that, he worked at the Institute for Biological Sciences of the National Research Council of Canada. Dr. Wang has developed research projects relating to sulfur chemistry, computational chemistry, nucleoside analogs, heterocycle chemistry, materials science, and macromolecules (pillarene, calix[n]arene, and melamine-based dendrimers, etc.) and has received 22 research grants. He has developed two compendiums in organic chemistry: Comprehensive Organic Named Reactions, with Detailed Mechanism Discussions and Updated Experimental Procedures (3 volumes) (Wiley, 2009) and Encyclopedia of Physical Organic Chemistry, the PROSE Award winner in 2018. While conducting research activities, the author also teaches courses for both graduate and undergraduate students on many subjects in the fields of chemistry.