1st Edition

The Church and the Problem of Divine Hiddenness Mirrors of God

By Derek King Copyright 2023
    170 Pages
    by Routledge

    170 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book offers a theological, and more specifically ecclesiological, response to the philosophical problem of divine hiddenness. It engages with philosopher J.L. Schellenberg’s argument on hiddenness and sets out a theologically rich and fresh response, drawing on the ecclesiological thought of Gregory of Nyssa. With careful attention to Gregory’s work, the book shows how certain ecclesiological problems and themes are critical to the hiddenness argument. It looks to the gathered church (the church as the body of Christ) and the scattered church (the church as the image of God) for relevance to the hiddenness problem. The volume will be of interest to scholars of theology and philosophy, particularly analytic theologians and philosophers of religion.


    1 Locating Hiddenness: The Problem of Divine Hiddenness

    2 Hidden and Revealed: Participation as the Knowledge of God

    3 Head and Body: The Nature of the Church

    4 Seeing the Face of Christ: Sensing Christ in Gathered Worship

    5 The Sacramental Life: Experiencing Christ in Baptism and the Eucharist

    6 Mirrors of God: The Scattered Images of God

    7 Conclusion: An Ecclesiological Response to the Problem of Divine Hiddenness


    Derek S. King has a PhD in Analytic and Exegetical Theology from the University of St Andrews, UK. He is scholar-in-residence at Lewis House (University of Kentucky) and Adjunct Professor of Theology at Houston Baptist University, USA.