3rd Edition

The Circuits and Filters Handbook (Five Volume Slipcase Set)

Edited By Wai-Kai Chen Copyright 2009

    Standard-setting, groundbreaking, authoritative, comprehensive—these often overused words perfectly describe The Circuits and Filters Handbook, Third Edition. This standard-setting resource has documented the momentous changes that have occurred in the field of electrical engineering, providing the most comprehensive coverage available. More than 150 contributing experts offer in-depth insights and enlightened perspectives into standard practices and effective techniques that will make this set the first—and most likely the only—tool you select to help you with problem solving.

    In its third edition, this groundbreaking bestseller surveys accomplishments in the field, providing researchers and designers with the comprehensive detail they need to optimize research and design. All five volumes include valuable information on the emerging fields of circuits and filters, both analog and digital. Coverage includes key mathematical formulas, concepts, definitions, and derivatives that must be mastered to perform cutting-edge research and design. The handbook avoids extensively detailed theory and instead concentrates on professional applications, with numerous examples provided throughout. The set includes more than 2500 illustrations and hundreds of references. Available as a comprehensive five-volume set, each of the subject-specific volumes can also be purchased separately.

    Volume 01, Volume 02, Volume 03, Volume 04, Volume 05


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