808 Pages 86 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    808 Pages 86 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The seventh edition of the highly successful The City Reader juxtaposes the very best classic and contemporary writings on the city. Sixty-three selections are included: forty-five from the sixth edition and eighteen new selections, including three newly written exclusively for The City Reader. The anthology features a Prologue essay on "How to Study Cities", eight part introductions as well as individual introductions to each of the selected articles.

    The new edition has been extensively updated and expanded to reflect the latest thinking in each of the disciplinary and topical areas included, such as sustainable urban development, globalization, the impact of technology on cities, resilient cities, and urban theory. The seventh edition places greater emphasis on cities in the developing world, the global city system, and the future of cities in the digital transformation age. While retaining classic writings from authors such as Lewis Mumford, Jane Jacobs, and Louis Wirth, this edition also includes the best contemporary writings of, among others, Peter Hall, Manuel Castells, and Saskia Sassen. New material has been added on compact cities, urban history, placemaking, climate change, the world city network, smart cities, the new social exclusion, ordinary cities, gentrification, gender perspectives, regime theory, comparative urbanization, and the impact of technology on cities.

    Bibliographic material has been completely updated and strengthened so that the seventh edition can serve as a reference volume orienting faculty and students to the most important writings of all the key topics in urban studies and planning. The City Reader provides the comprehensive mapping of the terrain of Urban Studies, old and new. It is essential reading for anyone interested in studying cities and city life.

    Part 1: The Evolution of Cities Part 2: Urban Culture and Society Part 3: Urban Space Part 4: Urban Politics, Governance, and Economics Part 5: Urban Planning History and Visions Part 6: Urban Planning Theory and Practice Part 7: Urban Design Part 8: Urban Future and Global Challenges


    Richard T. LeGates is Professor Emeritus of Urban Studies and Planning at San Francisco State University, USA.

    Frederic Stout is Lecturer in Urban Studies at Stanford University, USA.

    … the definitively complete reader on urban problems and policies.

    Peter Hall, University College London

    … a "must read" book…comprehensive, authoritative and just plain fun.

    Eugenie Birch, Professor of Urban Planning and Design, University of Pennsylvania

    …A book for all generations of urbanists.

    Margaret Wilder, Executive Director, Urban Affairs Association

    the single most authoritative collection of foundational readings in urban studies and planning today.

    Tridib Bannerjee, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California 

    … an indispensable widely read book in the world which provides a collection of classical and contemporary seminal literature for understanding the multidisciplinary complexities of our cities.

    Anthony G.O. Yeh, Chair Professor, Department of Urban Planning and Design, The University of Hong Kong, Secretary-General, Asian Planning Schools Association 

    … the best single "go-to" volume for young scholars interested in how cities work, and how they can be made to work better.…  As a one-stop source for historical and contemporary theory and practice… still unbeatable.

    John Landis, Professor of Urban Planning and Design, University of Pennsylvania

    an indispensable resource across all the fields concerned with the study of city.

    Michael Hibbard, Professor Emeritus of Planning, Public Policy & Management, University of Oregon

    … a magnificent job… Essential reading as our world turns into one dominated by cities.

    Michael Batty, Bartlett Professor, University College London

    … should be on the required list for all individuals interested in urbanism

    Roger Caves, Professor of Urban Planning, San Diego State University

    … an excellent, international resource for all urbanists… a really useful global overview of contemporary developments in urban studies

    Robin Hambleton, Professor of City Leadership, University of the West of England

    … a continuing invaluable and reliable global resource for urban and regional planners tackling complex issues in an increasingly urbanising world.

    Barbara Norman, Foundation Chair, Urban and Regional Planning Department, University of Canberra

    an inclusive introduction that captures the major topics and readings in urban studies.

    Susan S. Fainstein, Senior Research Fellow, Harvard University Graduate School of Design