1st Edition

The City in Russian Culture

Edited By Pavel Lyssakov, Stephen Norris Copyright 2018
    328 Pages 94 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    328 Pages 94 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Cities are constructed and organized by people, and in turn become an important factor in the organization of human life. They are sites of both social encounter and social division and provide for their inhabitants “a sense of place”. This book explores the nature of Russian cities, outlining the role played by various Russian cities over time. It focuses on a range of cities including provincial cities, considering both physical, iconic, created cities, and also cities as represented in films, fiction and other writing. Overall, the book provides a rich picture of the huge variety of Russian cities.

    1. The City in Russian Culture
    2. "Space, Culture, and the Russian City"

      Pavel Lyssakov and Stephen M. Norris

      Part I: The Constructed City

    3. The City as Legible Sanctuary
    4. "Siberia’s City on a Hill: Tobol’sk at the Apogee of Empire"

      Mark A. Soderstrom

    5. The City as a Site of Urban Vision
    6. "Serf Village, Industrial Town: The Creation of Ivanovo-Voznesensk"

      Alison K. Smith

    7. The City as Translocal Space
    8. "‘Malorossians Have Come!’ Ukrainian Musicale and the Making of the Russian Imperial City in the Middle Volga"

      Ilya Gerasimov

    9. The City as a Work of Monumental Culture
    10. "The Hero-City of Novorossiisk as a Site of War Myth and Memory"

      Vicky Davis

    11. The City as Showpiece
    12. "Arctic Camp, Arctic City: the Gulag and the Construction of Vorkuta"

      Alan Barenberg

    13. The City as Genuine Space
    14. "The Paradoxes of Soviet Urbanization: The Search for the Genuine Soviet City"

      Milyausha Zakirova

      Part II: The Represented City

    15. The City as Narrated Space
    16. "Spatial Practices and the Narrative of the Russian City"

      Pavel Lyssakov

    17. The City as Imagined Home
    18. "Journeys Through the Socialist City and Inside the Socialist Apartment: Space and Place in the Moscow Text of Soviet Film"

      Stephen M. Norris

    19. The City as Created Text
    20. "Writing from the Ruins of Europe: Representing Kaliningrad in Russian Literature from Brodsky to Buida"

      Uilleam Blacker

    21. The City as Imaginary Landscape
    22. "The Geo-cultural Images of Sortavala: Poetics of Place in the North Ladoga Region"

      Alexander Izotov

    23. The City as Gendered Space

    "The Rise and Fall of the Creative Capitals: Female Directors on Post-Soviet Urban Space"

    Anzhelika Artyukh and Arlene Forman


    Pavel Lyssakov is an Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences at St Petersburg State University


    Stephen M. Norris is a Professor of History at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio