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The Civilisation of the Period of the Renaissance in Italy

ISBN 9780367181529
Published November 23, 2020 by Routledge
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Published in 1937: The author’s work on the Renaissance in Italy is too well known, not only to students of the period, but now a wider circle of readers, for any introduction to be necessary.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The State as a Work of Art  1. Introduction  2. The Tyranny of the Fourteenth Century  3. The Tyranny of the Fifteenth Century 4. The Petty Tyrannies  4. The Petty Tyrannies  5. The Greater Dynasties  6. The Opponents of Tyranny  7. The Republics: Venice and Florence  8. Foreign Policy of the Italian States  9. War as a Work of Art  10. The Papacy and Its Dangers  Part 2: The Development of the Individual  1. The Italian State and the Individual  2. The Perfecting of the Individual  3. The Modern Idea of Fame  4. Modern Wit and Satire  Part 3: The Revival of Antiquity  1. Introductory Remarks  2. Rome, The City of Ruins  3. The Old Authors  4. Humanism in the Fourteenth Century  5. The Universities and Schools  6. The Furtherers of Humanism  7. The Reproduction of Antiquity. Latin Correspondence and Orations  8. Latin Treatises and History  9. General Latinisation of Culture  10. Modern Latin Poetry  11. Fall of the Humanists in the Sixteenth Century  Part 4: The Discovery of the World and of Man  1. Journeys of the Italians  2. Natural Science in Italy  3. The Discovery of Natural Beauty  4. The Discovery of Man – Spiritual Description n Poetry  5. Biography  6. The Description of Nations and Cities  7. Description of the Outward Man  8. Description of Life in Movement  Part 5: Society and Festivals  1. The Equalisation of Classes  2. Outward Refinement of Life  3. Language as the Basis of Social Intercourse  4. The Higher Forms of Society  5. The Perfect Man of Society  6. The Position of Women  7. Domestic Economy  8. The Festivals  Part 6: Morality and Religion  1. Morality  2. Religion in Daily Life  3. Religion and the Spirit of the Renaissance  4. Mixture of Ancient and Modern Superstitions  5. General Disintegration of Belief

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Carl Jacob Christoph Burckhardt (May 25, 1818 - August 8, 1897) was a historian of art and culture, and an influential figure in the historiography of both these fields.